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We are a reference point for those seeking to buy, sell or rent prestigious real estate solutions but, above all, for those who treasure attention to detail and believe in the importance of ethics, expertise and privacy, which are the foundations of what we do.

Our experience is rooted in the Gabetti Group, on the real estate market for over 70 years and of which we have been a part for over 40 years, as the division dedicated to prestigious properties.

Numerous years of experience that enable us to offer personalised consulting: full attention to the customer and to the property, our two key values.

For those seeking to buy

Italy is a small piece of the world that the entire world loves, now more than ever, for its countless excellences, its infinite creativity and its real estate treasures. The beautiful villas, period homes and prestigious historic buildings allow one to experience a Unique and distinctive country.

There are extraordinary homes beyond Italy’s borders as well. Foreign locations that we know and admire as much as our own country.

What does looking for these precious treasures mean?

Our knowledge of the area and our technical expertise are our key strengths that accompany the customer, safely and with total peace of mind, from the property search to stipulation of the deed.

We assist customers with services covering the entire supply chain, guiding them in every transaction, including cases of redevelopment or letting of the property selected.




How we operate

  • dedicated advisor;
  • selection of properties based on requirements;
  • technical and documents analysis;
  • planning and management of inspections;
  • information and descriptive material on the properties and services in the area;
  • assistance in native language;
  • legal and tax assistance;
  • consulting and services for letting (medium and short rent);
  • consulting on the “Bonus casa” home incentive;
  • Property Finder;
  • home change service.

For those seeking to sell

A prestigious property deserves special attention, especially when it is put up for sale. Our customers deserve the same special attention.

What does giving value to beauty mean?

Our first objective is to enhance the value of your property, "the home par excellence" where everyday life has skilfully formed precious moments to be forever saved in the memories of those who lived there. A treasure that adds value to the building and is inherited by those who purchase it.

We will devote as much time as necessary to the property, ensuring continuous assistance, right from the first meeting, in every transaction and in every detail.

At Santandrea, attention to the customer first of all means providing a dedicated consultant to keep them constantly up to date, capable of identifying the best purchasers both in Italy and abroad, and implementing the optimal building enhancement measures through the most appropriate marketing measures, which envisage ad hoc promotion strategies.


How we operate

  • preventive documents analysis of the property;
  • agency opinion for accurate valuation of the property;
  • professional photography and video service;
  • dedicated monograph;
  • presence on our site and on social networks;
  • web campaigns with targeted and geolocalised ads;
  • presence on Italian portals in premium positions;
  • inclusion in our magazine “Living your best life”;
  • presence in the major national newspapers;
  • inclusion within an international network of partners;
  • organisation of events to present the property (open days);
  • use of the Santandrea database with over 40,000 active requests;
  • use of the Gabetti database with its over 1,000 agencies nationwide;
  • networking by Private Bankers with the major banks, our partners;
  • networking with the corporate clients of companies of the Gabetti Group;
  • presence throughout the country, with offices in the major Italian capitals;
  • monthly reports on activities;
  • management of negotiations with full privacy;
  • assistance in native language;
  • legal and tax assistance.