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  • Rif: 1513988
  • Price: 2.950.000 €
  • Surface: 500 square metres

Villa a Sassari

Sassari (Sassari) - Lying on the beach of the Protected Natural Park of Portobello, Villa Beth Louis Nion is without any doubt one of the most beautiful and fascinating villas in Sardinia. The large green space around, the view of Corsica and the Strait of Bonifacio, the pink granite beach a few steps, makes it an enchanting place in all seasons. The sea is the great protagonist for those who live in the house, gives different emotions and changing according to the directions of the winds and seasons. The Mediterranean flora that is respected in the park offers wonderful blooms in spring but also in winter with the white flowers of myrtles and strawberry trees as well as dark red berries of junipers and other native plants that slowly grow and expand with strength and beauty.
The patio is the centerpiece of the residence, accessed from outside, the living room and the master bedroom. The floor is made of granite arranged in "opus incertum" (of Roman construction origin). Among the rocks that look like sculptures, there are Mediterranean flowers and plants, while in other corners there are small gardens of succulent plants happily associated with Mediterranean essences. In the living room, there is a large fireplace, on the wall above a fresco, executed in trompe l'oeil, reproduces the external rocks and bushes of the Mediterranean, has the function to create an ideal continuity between inside and outside.

The design that harmonizes interior and exterior, culture and nature, aims to create a new balance between the human and natural world by integrating in a "gentle" way what nature offers to the needs of life and survival of human beings.
The continuity between inside and outside is also evidenced by the continuity of the interior floor that extends to the outside and that over time has become more and more similar to the color of the beach below.

The living room fans out with seven large windows that give a 180° view of the sea and the garden. Two open corridors develop laterally and lead on one side to the four bedrooms, on the other side to the large kitchen and the service room. The very large master bedroom that with the bathroom amounts to fifty square meters, with fireplace is located in the highest part of the corridor of the rooms and also serves as a study.

The French windows are built so as to have maximum visibility of the outside. For example, from the master bedroom, although placed in the back, for a vision type telescope you can see the sea, in fact the bottom of the room facing the sea is made of a glass structure (two French windows and a central fixed).
All four rooms have a sea view.