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Villa a Reggello

Reggello (Firenze) - Sant'Ellero - Panoramic position easily reachable both on foot and by car from the station of Sant'Ellero, from which the station of Santa Maria Novella is about 20 minutes away.
Renovated townhouse consisting of two units. The main one of about 280 sqm, the smaller one with independent entrance of about 80 sqm.
The main house consists of a ground floor and a first floor connected by an internal stone staircase. The house has been completely emptied, restored and then renovated both in the walls and in the attics.
The floors were made with Manetti cotto, except in the master bedroom area and in the guest area.
Most of the walls were treated in the rough with marmorino and then finished with grassello. The study area in particular has been completely covered with chestnut panels. The entire ceiling is also made of chestnut wood. It should be noted that the entrance area and the library area have the ceiling covered with a chest of drawers made of maple wood and beech inlay.
As far as the plant engineering is concerned, it should be noted that - given the size of the flat and the desire to save energy - the heating system, powered by methane and using cast iron radiators and fan coils, has been divided into four independent sections controlled by thermostats.
The water system is also supported, in case of need, by a 500-litre tank controlled by a solenoid valve and a pressure switch.
The windows, all with double-glazing, have been made with a single light to better illuminate the rooms and equipped with a tilt-and-turn mechanism. They are protected by powder-coated iron shutters with locks.
The roof of the house has been completely restored with sandblasted tiles one by one from a single old farmhouse and with new chestnut beams treated in an antique manner, except for two long beams that were the only healthy ones and that come from a work done at the time by the Vallombrosian monks as evidenced by an engraving.
Finally, the fresco that dominates the hall was found under a thick layer of paint, after which it was carefully restored.


In ancient documents, this locality is referred to with the double place-name Sant'Ellero in Alfiano. The first refers to the monk and abbot Saint who lived in the 5th century in Galatea di Romagna. This saint was taken as the patron saint of the monastic church of the Benedictine Cluniacs, who already lived here in the year 1000 and had Countess Itta dei Conti Guidi as abbess. This fact gave rise to the name of Sant'Ellero, in addition to that of Alfiano, which is older.