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Villa in contrada zighidi a Pantelleria

Pantelleria (Trapani) - GORGEOUS PANTESCO DAMUSO

In the Scauri district, the part of the Island of Pantelleria overlooking sunset, in the frame of the wild nature of this corner of Paradise, there is this large property of over 30 hectares, with olive trees and citrus groves that lead to a production of about 180 ql per year of oil and a consistent production of orange jam, with inside 5 ancient Damusi divided into independent complexes , perfectly renovated with materials and finishes in complete harmony with the value and history of the island, each of it located in a suggestive position, with a splendid view of the countryside and the sea.
The central body is framed in the splendid setting of the Pantesca nature with palm trees and flowers, with the various building bodies that open to the perfect harmony between architecture and nature, and where there is the large swimming pool at the edge of which there is one of the chill out spaces where you can relax in the cool.
The two rooms and the 5 rooms overlook terraces and loggias that guarantee the guests of the property extreme privacy.
Next to this part of the property, there is another complex, which overlooks the village of Scauri: this part of the property is perfectly independent, and offers a beautiful room with loggia, the kitchen and 4 rooms: here too architectural measures have been used, which make the stay within these walls almost fairy!
In two other elegant units there are another 2 rooms, totally independent since each building has its own kitchen and garden.
The most distant complex has been left with the finishing in the rough, and therefore must be completed, even if everything is already perfectly laid out.
In a dominant position, on the top of the hill that remains behind the villas, there is a fruity building, totally to be restored.
The whole property has air conditioning and heating.
This property is perfect for those who want to get away from hectic life and look for a corner where you can reconnect to your inspiration and tranquility, with the possibility of having friends, guests and colleagues with you, guaranteeing everyone extreme privacy.


A jewel nestled in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and the coasts of Tunisia, Pantelleria is a wonderful island that will conquer you with its natural beauty and its suggestive atmospheres and bearers of a fascinating arabesque culture.
Also known as the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean for the lava castings that characterize the landscape: the island of Pantelleria is in fact of volcanic origin, although nowadays volcanic phenomena are reduced to warm waters and steam showers, and the last eruption dates back to the 19th century.
On its territory, natural elements with uncontaminated charm and man-made architecture merge in perfect harmony. This is possible thanks to the damusi, the typical houses of the island built in Arab times respecting the surrounding environment, designed not to impose themselves on the territory, but to adapt and merge with it, a clear example of sustainable architecture.
So, if you want to create a pleasant interlude between the days on the beach or by the pool, you can venture to discover the archaeological sites of the island of Pantelleria, such as those that make up the area of Mursìa and Cimillia, or the hillocks of San Marco and Santa Teresa, where you can admire the amazing Roman acropolis. Here, in the year 2003, heads of Roman statues dating back to the 1st century .C.

AIRPORT : 10 km