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  • Rif: 1406074
  • Price: 4.900.000 €
  • Surface: 1199 square metres

Villa a Lucca

Lucca (Lucca) - Magnificent estate situated upon a hilltop in one of the most prestigious areas, dating back to 16th and 18th century, 15 minutes away from the center of Lucca.
The estate consists of a splendidly renovated villa (1.200 smq – 13.000 sqft) and four annexes partially restored (total built surface about 800 sqm – 8.600 sqft).
The villa, extraordinarily finished, was owned by noble families and an important politician dating back to the ‘fascism’ era (Count Ciano -Mussolini's brother-in-law). The restoration work took five years, bringing the estate to its ancient splendor and completed with the original materials, where it has been possible.
 Most of the furniture dates back to the XVIII and the beginning of the XX century..
The villa consists of three levels and a cellar.
The ground floor features a stunning dining room, reception room, billiard room and a big conservatory (decorated with original stained glasses on the ceiling), the kitchen, a small chapel, the library, the laundry room and three bathrooms.
The first floor features a second reception room, four master bedrooms and four bathrooms.
The second and last floor features a large family room, a kitchen, a dining room, a dressing room, a gym, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
The property is surrounded by 6 hectares of ground (incredibly flat, despite the hilly position) cultivated as olive groves and wood. In front and on the side of the main ‘facade’ there is a wonderful Italian garden.
The principle villa is in excellent condition, while the four annexes are only partially restored.


Famous for its historical monuments, it is one of the few capitals to preserve the historic center, rich in ancient structures from various eras, completely surrounded by a sixteenth-century city wall as a whole intact and almost unchanged over the centuries. It is a remarkable city of art in Italy. The monumental historical center of the city has remained almost intact in its original aspect, thus being able to count various valuable architectures, such as the numerous medieval churches of considerable architectural richness (Lucca has even been nicknamed the "city of 100 churches", precisely because of the presence of numerous churches in its historical nucleus, consecrated and not, present in the past and now in the city), towers and bell towers, and monumental Renaissance buildings of fine stylistic linearity. The city also boasts suggestive urban spaces: the most famous is certainly that of Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, born on the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheater by the architect Lorenzo Nottolini and unique in its architectural genre. The main artery of the historic city is the narrow and medieval Via Fillungo, which brings together the major commercial establishments of the city. Other suggestive squares are then Piazza San Michele, historical center of the city and Piazza San Martino, religious center where the famous Cathedral of San Martino stands. Piazza Napoleone (also called Piazza Grande by the Lucchesi), was commissioned by Elisa Baciocchi during her Principality, demolishing ancient medieval buildings including a church. Adjacent is Piazza del Giglio where the homonymous theater overlooks, (Teatro del Giglio), which is to be counted as a traditional theater. Precisely because of its immense historical and monumental richness, the proposal to include the Walls of Lucca in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites has recently been put forward. *** SERVICES *** Among the main cities of art in Tuscany, as a provincial capital, the city of Lucca offers the most varied services (from catering, to transport, to events), placing itself among the livable cities at all times of the year.