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Villa in Lungomare G. Galilei a Gallipoli

Gallipoli (Lecce) -
With splendid views of the sea, we sell villa, located on the Lungomare Galilei with 29 rooms plus accessories and double garage.
The building has two floors above ground, dates back to the 70s and is surrounded by a large garden, partly paved and partly full of ornamental plants.
This villa is a real pearl, it is only a few minutes walk from the city center and is prepared for transformation into multiple real estate units.
Therefore, the P.R.G. it foresees a new building for a max of 6.550 cubic meters.
Currently the gross area is 1857 sq m while the commercial area is 1380 sq m.


Small and particularly attractive, Gallipoli is a town in Salento capable of preserving years and years of history, art and culture, combining them perfectly with the needs of the modern era. So, next to ancient churches and churches, monuments, works of art and priceless beauties to be admired, wandering around the renowned and fascinating Pearl of the Ionian you can also devote yourself to shopping, social life, discovering the typical typical restaurants and exclusives night clubs. Ancient and modern, therefore, as it also tells the distinction between the old part and the new part of the city, a never clear distinction, but capable of enchanting tourists and also the locals with its perfect mix. The past and the present coexist harmoniously in the architecture of the beautiful city of Salento, land of ancient domains, as evidenced by the Angevin Castle, the Rivellino, the old port, the Greco-Roman fountain, the numerous Baroque churches that swarm both in the historic center and in the new area of ​​the city, which finds its main reference point in the ever-alive Corso Roma.


Thanks to the numerous clubs, bars and commercial activities that follow one another, the nightlife of the city is concentrated here, particularly in summer.