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  • Rif: 1403679
  • Price: 380.000 €
  • Surface: 55 square metres

Apartment in Via dei Funari a Roma

Roma (Roma) - Via dei Funari, a small street that connects Piazza Mattei to Piazza Campitelli, right in front of the church of S. Caterina de 'Funari built in the 9th century on one nave and dedicated to S. Catherine of Alexandria.

In a period building, delightful apartment on two levels 1 and 2 floor composed of open living room with kitchenette on the upper floor connected by an internal staircase, large double bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closets.

The condo fees are contained and the apartment is equipped with hot cold air conditioning

Ease of creating a second bathroom.


Via dei Funari is part of the Rione Campitelli and takes its name from the twisting ropes that had established themselves in this street using the entrance halls of the ancient "Circo Flaminio", according to some, or the cryptoporticus of the "Crypta Balbi", according to others: it is very difficult to agree with one of the two hypotheses since the street is located right between the two ancient monuments. From the mythical origins on the Palatine to the vestiges of the Roman Forum, from the Palazzo Senatorio to the Vittoriano, this district contains the emblematic center of the city. The origin of the name Campitelli has different interpretations: either it is reconnected to Capitolium, the temple of Jupiter Optimum Maximus, or it is derived from Aedes Telluris, that is, the temple of the Goddess Earth that was to rise in this area, or deriving from "campus telluris", that is "field or square of land". Campitelli was appointed X district of Rome on May 18, 1743, with chirograph by Pope Benedict XIV.


In a strategic position of high historical interest a few steps from Piazza Venezia and Largo Argentina, this delightful apartment is interesting both as an investment and as a pied a terre.

0.10 kWh/m²year

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