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Apartment in Via Biella a Roma

Roma (Roma) - Near Villa Fiorelli and Piazza Re di Roma, precisely in via Biella, we offer an elegant and refined apartment completely renovated.

The apartment on the mezzanine floor is very bright and quiet, has a view from the first floor and consists of two entrances, double living room, kitchen, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, three of which en suite and a closet.

The apartment is located in a well-connected area about 500 meters from the metro A 'Re di Roma' and metro C 'Lodi', the area is full of services of all kinds, shops, schools and connections to all public transport


The origin of the Tuscolano territory does not go back beyond the medieval age. The first mention of the via Tuscolana is in a bull of Pope Honorius III of 1217. In terms of infrastructure, the territory is historically marked by five imposing aqueducts, built between 144 BC. C. and 212 d. C. : the Aqua Marcia, the Aqua Tepula, the Aqua Iulia, the Aqua Claudia and the Anio Novus. The urbanization of the territory began with the master plan of 1909 which made the areas within the railway suitable for building with buildings of modest size and villas, now restored and of bourgeois connotation, including those left around Villa Fiorelli, an important green space together with villa Lais and Lazzaroni. The Tuscolano district is among the first 15 routes in 1911, officially established in 1921 with the resolution of the Council n. 20 of 20 August 1921.


Currently the Tuscolano district is a very lively district, densely populated and offers numerous services. In recent times, numerous artists of the so-called "street-art" have given vent to their art by carrying out numerous works thus making the neighborhood more colorful, cheerful and lively. It is also well connected to the city center by various means of transport and is equipped with numerous efficient services, schools, churches, theaters, monuments and archaeological sites. There is no shortage of green areas such as Villa Fiorelli which in 2003 was restored and rearranged by the Municipality of Rome through an important redevelopment work. The new Villa Fiorelli was inaugurated on 2 December 2004, by the then mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni.

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