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Apartment in Lungotevere Flaminio a Roma

Roma (Roma) - Lungotevere Flaminio, height of Circolo Canottieri Lazio, we propose a property, recently renovated with high standing materials, located on the first floor of a building with concierge service and overlooking the quiet, pleasant gardens of Villa Balestra and the "Tre Vasche" fountain. The apartment, inside, features details and design solutions and consists of a large representative area with a livable balcony, a dining area with a kitchen furnished and enriched with marble finishes, a guest service, a bedroom with internal walk-in closet and private bathroom. The large size allows you to obtain a second bedroom overlooking the balcony.


The Flaminio district is considered the cultural center of Rome, even if its origins are very modest compared to its current reputation. Born in 1921, the neighborhood owes its name to the consular road that crosses it, Via Flaminia. Uninhabited until the 19th century due to the frequent overflows of the Tiber river, it went through various historical phases of evolution, with a progressive urbanization during the fascist period until it profoundly transformed after the end of the Second World War with the assignment of the Olympic Games of 1960 in Rome.


The Flaminio is now a prestigious district of Rome, which houses the greatest works of contemporary architecture in the city, as well as being a place full of interesting places to visit, both culturally and scenic.

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