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  • Rif: 1415579
  • Price: 490.000 €
  • Surface: 80 square metres

Apartment a Firenze

Firenze (Firenze) - Florence –Por Santa Maria
Apartment at high floor with elevator in historicak building recently refurbished.
An open space entrance with chimney leads to sleeping area consisting of two bedrooms with mezzanine and bathroom, one closet.
The apartment has been refurbished with valuable materials. Optimal for rent.


Por Santa Maria street is in Florence located between Calimala stret and Ponte Vecchio. The street is one among the oldest of the city having origin in the roman age as the extension of the “cardo” outside the first ring of wall. The old Porta di Santa Maria was at intersection with Vacchereccia street and allowed the entrance and exit of the city through the bridge now replaced by the current Ponte Vecchio. The name of the street was derived by the ancient door that became part of the city when the first ring of wall was replaced by a larger one at Cacciaguida’s time (1120 approx). The street was busy and therefore suited for businesses. All main Families of the time aimed to get houses and towers there. The “Arte della Seta” had several workshop there and a door was included in their arms to be finally known as “Arte di Por Santa Maria”.


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