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A team of professionals

The value of exclusivity

At Santandrea, attention to the customer first and foremost means providing a consultant dedicated exclusively to you, a personal advisor who expertly handles all of your needs, provides an accurate estimate of the property and identifies the best strategies to optimise the real estate transaction. What we offer is a high-level advisory service. It is no coincidence that we have become a key reference point for those who are seeking high-quality real estate solutions, without foregoing attention to detail. This is why we can proudly declare that we are specialised in prestigious properties. Santandrea Luxury Houses was established in 1977. We are where we need to be, because that’s where our customers are. Today, we are present in the biggest and most dynamic Italian cities. Santandrea Luxury Houses has always been the Gabetti Group brand dedicated to prestigious properties.

New constructions

With our dedicated team and the Group’s Gabetti Home Value division, we are a full service provider able to support real estate operators in all phases of the supply chain and development.


Private Real Estate Consultancy

Our specialised consulting is also aimed at Private Bankers of Banks and Insurance Companies. We guarantee optimal management of the real estate portfolio of private clients throughout Italy.

The added value of this service always comes from the great synergy we have established with the other companies of the Group.

Santandrea is partner of the Private Bankers of major Italian banks: Allianz Bank, Banca Generali, Gruppo Credem, Ersel, Mediolanum, Banco BPM, BIM, BPER and CheBanca!

RE Corporate Program

We have also designed another service for companies, agencies and institutions seeking living solutions for their managers and officials. The RE Corporate Program is a service that meets the specific needs of managers and officials, solving problems such as the logistics of renting and the lack of time to search for the desired property. Our customer will have a special team of national and international real estate experts at their disposal, ensuring a turnkey service: from the screening of proposals to the setup of a daily tour to inspect the properties and stipulation of the contract.

Gabetti Group

Gruppo Gabetti Gruppo Gabetti Our Group can count on 14 subsidiaries and various business lines. We provide specialised advisory services in the residential segment, as well as in the office, retail, industrial and hotel sectors. We can therefore guarantee services across the entire real estate sector. This is because our organisational model, unique in Italy, is able to integrate the various services in all of these areas: Advisory, Development, Management, Intermediation, Redevelopment and Credit and Insurance Brokerage. Our Group currently operates throughout Italy with 10 regional branches, 1,216 real estate agencies through franchising, 150 credit brokers, 500 regional technicians and 1,000 companies specialised in the redevelopment sector. Active since 1950 and listed on the stock exchange since 1990, the Gabetti Group is also included in the MISE special register of historic brands.