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Back to news What are the latest trends in luxury wellness? What are the latest trends in luxury wellness?

What are the latest trends in luxury wellness?

Recently luxury wellness is increasingly in vogue, thanks to the possibility of using services dedicated to wellness in various facilities, but also to the launch of cutting-edge hi-tech accessories designed specifically for wellness.


Recently luxury wellness is increasingly in vogue, thanks to the possibility of using services dedicated to wellness and fitness in various facilities, but also to the launch of cutting-edge hi-tech accessories designed specifically for wellness. These technological gadgets bring wellness into luxury homes and are becoming increasingly popular.


The new trends in luxury wellness

Luxury wellness: new trends - Santandrea Luxury Houses Our journey into the world of luxury is enriched with another stage, this time concerning luxury wellness. In fact, the search for facilities and technological devices for the home created to offer all those features dedicated to wellness that does not focus only on comfort and services, but also on personal care at a broader level, is now increasingly widespread, including both fitness and a more introspective or, so to speak, “spiritual” component of wellness. We can speak of a sort of intellectual wellness that aims to combine physical health and beauty with services that privilege people's intelligence and curiosity, therefore mental wellness. This trend related to luxury wellness is also confirmed by the recent report referring to 2022 made by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) of Miami, which analyzes trends and data from wellness centers around the world. In our article dedicated to the best luxury spas in Italy, we underlined how even luxury tourism is increasingly moving in the direction of wellness, as confirmed by the introduction of various services related to wellness offered by the best luxury hotels in the world, but also from the most exclusive luxury cruises. But not only. The latest trends in luxury wellness also include trips aboard ships on research missions alongside scientists, such as those organized by the cruise lines Aurora Expedition and Hurtigruten through their citizen science programs in the Antarctic areas. and among the Norwegian fjords.

These "cultural" cruises obviously also offer state-of-the-art wellness centers, including saunas, massages and outdoor whirlpools with breathtaking views. As we said, however, luxury wellness is also focusing on the more spiritual aspects of wellness through yoga and meditation courses, but also scientific-cultural experiments and observations. As is also the case on Quasar Expeditions' luxury yacht Conservation, which will allow its 18 guests to observe the state of the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands side by side with a team of scientists. Moving from the seas to the mainland, it is a must to mention the latest trends in wellness in luxury spas, increasingly open to courses in Zen meditative calligraphy, drawing, photography, ceramics and meditation, to develop creativity and the mind along with physical wellness. Always in this direction all the wellness services aimed at the intellectual and cultural aspect of the person go, such as the artistic-cultural themed podcasts made by the most famous museums in the world, such as the Metropolitan in New York, which created a content entitled “Frame of Mind” focused on the support that the use of art can give to the wellness of the person as a whole. In short, it is clear that the latest trends relating to luxury wellness indicate the direction of an integral care of the individual, which enhances physical wellness, but without neglecting the mental one.

The best gadgets for luxury wellness at home

Luxury wellness: best tech gadget wellness - Santandrea Luxury Houses The association between technology and luxury is no longer a novelty now, especially when it comes to luxury wellness. As we write in an article dedicated to furniture, more and more owners of luxury homes are equipping hi-tech spaces within their homes, equipping themselves with devices to create immersive environments or spaces dedicated to wellness and personal care. In fact, there are several luxury technological gadgets and hi-tech appliances for the home, ideal for offering maximum comfort to the owners and guests of a luxury home. In fact, domestic spaces dedicated to wellness and personal care are growing, such as mini spas, whirlpools, saunas, home gyms or small swimming pools.

All accompanied by air filtration and ventilation technologies, as well as ultraviolet cleaning devices, chosen to improve air quality and eliminate harmful agents inside the home. But luxury wellness also concerns entertainment in free time, therefore from immersive environments and devices designed for those who want to better enjoy the virtual reality experience and make the most of the services offered by digital. We are talking about the Oculus rooms, ideal for the use of VR viewers, or even environments designed specifically for the use of 3D images, without forgetting the home theater, the room used as a home cinema room, to obtain at home the same effect given by the hall of a real cinema.

The best luxury hi-tech gadgets

Luxury wellness: best gadget hi-tech - Santandrea Luxury Houses In addition to this phenomenon, as anticipated, the luxury items market is also increasingly related with the technological one, thanks also to the creation of hi-tech gadgets by some of the most famous fashion brands in the world. In particular, the most exclusive luxury technological objects are designer smartwatches or devices dedicated to the use of music, podcasts and any type of audio file, such as innovative wireless earphones or super-technological headphones made with the highest quality materials. The prices of the best hi-tech gadgets are obviously high, but some of these products are truly exclusive and unique. Some examples? We can start with the MB 01 x Maison Kitsuné headphones produced by Montblanc, super-technological over-ear headphones that combine cutting-edge technology with a unique design, for a base price of 710 euros.

Remaining in the "musical" field, we can also mention the Louis Vuitton Horizon wireless earphones, which include proximity sensors, noise canceling and ambient listening modes, in addition to the case that also works as a power bank ... the cost? "Only" 1.010 euros. But Louis Vuitton's Horizon line does not stop at music, as it also includes the “Tambour Horizon Light Up” Smartwatch, a real hi-tech luxury item, thanks to the 1.2-inch circular AMOLED display in sapphire glass, surrounded by the ring with 24 LED-backlit Monogram flowers, for a price that exceeds 3.000 euros. To close this list of luxury hi-tech gadgets, let's go to the United States, given that the Apple Watch Series 7 created in collaboration with the Hermès maison is much more than a smartwatch, thanks to its series of dials and straps inspired by the French brand, universally known for the quality of its craftsmanship, to accompany the usual functions of the Apple Watch Series 7, but with a slightly higher price, which starts at around 1.900 euros.


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