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Back to news What are the best luxury hi-tech gadgets? What are the best luxury hi-tech gadgets?

What are the best luxury hi-tech gadgets?

Recently hi-tech gadgets are more and more relevant in the luxury items market. Some of these products, made by the most famous design brands, are truly exclusive and elegant.


Recently hi-tech gadgets are more and more relevant in the luxury items market, as well as environments dedicated to technology in luxury homes. Some of these products, made by the most famous design brands, are truly exclusive, also combining functionality and elegance: let's discover them.


The most exclusive luxury hi-tech gadgets

Luxury hi-tech gadgets: most exclusive gadgets - Santandrea Luxury Houses The relation between technology and luxury is no longer news now. As we have already written recently, more and more owners of luxury homes are equipping hi-tech spaces within their houses, choosing devices to create immersive environments or spaces dedicated to wellness and personal care. In addition to this phenomenon, the luxury goods market is also increasingly linked with the technological one, thanks also to the creation of hi-tech gadgets by some of the most famous fashion brands in the world.

In particular, the most exclusive luxury technological objects are designer smartwatches or devices dedicated to the enjoyment of music, podcasts and any type of audio file, such as innovative wireless earphones or super-technological headphones made with top quality materials. But there are also branded video game consoles or speakers that become real elements of luxury furniture. The prices of the best hi-tech gadgets are obviously high, but some of these products, made by the most famous fashion brands, are truly exclusive and unique, perfectly combining functionality and elegance.

New hi-tech spaces in luxury homes

Luxury hi-tech gadgets: new hi-tech space in luxury homes - Santandrea Luxury Houses Putting aside technological luxury items for a moment, it is worth opening a chapter for all those hi-tech appliances for the home, ideal for offering maximum comfort to owners and guests of a luxury home. In fact, domestic spaces dedicated to wellness and personal care are growing, such as mini spas, whirlpools, saunas, home gyms or small swimming pools. Together with air filtration and ventilation technologies, as well as ultraviolet cleaning devices, chosen to improve air quality and eliminate harmful agents inside the home.

Moving from well-being to the new technological frontiers, luxury homes are increasingly equipped with immersive environments, for those who want to get the best out of virtual reality experience and digital services. In this case, we refer to the Oculus rooms, ideal for the use of VR viewers, or even to environments designed specifically for watching 3D images. Another less avant-garde solution, but still hi-tech, is the home theater, that is a room used as a home cinema room, to be equipped with the latest generation devices for the reproduction of sounds, so as to obtain the effect given by the large screen. Together with the home theater, we obviously suggest high quality screens or projectors to feel in a real cinema.

The best luxury super-tech gadgets

Luxury hi-tech gadgets: best gadgets - Santandrea Luxury Houses Returning to luxury hi-tech items, recently some truly exclusive super-technological gadgets have come out. We have tried to collect the best products in this particular category, with their prices and features which, together with the design, make them truly unique. The most represented brand is Yves Saint Laurent, but even Gucci and Fendi have not pulled back: let's discover together the best luxury hi-tech gadgets.

  • MB 01 x Maison Kitsuné by Montblanc headphones - The product line launched by Montblanc in collaboration with Maison Kitsuné includes various luxury items designed for travel, including these super-tech over-ear headphones, which offer cutting-edge technology - such as the proximity sensors - combined with a unique design, thanks to their leather pads, at the base price of 710 euros.
  • Cit-E backpack by Yves Saint Laurent - This nylon backpack has been designed to integrate perfectly with the latest technological devices, thanks to a collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent and Jacquard by Google, and offers maximum comfort in an ideal size for any movement, for a cost of 850 euros.
  • Horizon earphones by Louis Vuitton - Even the most famous fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, has launched into the market of hi-tech luxury gadgets, with the Horizon wireless earphones, where the well known logo of the French brand decorates a device with technical specifications of the highest quality, such as the proximity sensor, the noise canceling and ambient listening modes and the case that also works as a power bank… the cost? “Only” 1.010 euros.
  • Apple Watch Serie 7 by Hermès - Thanks to the work of the fashion house Hermès, the Apple Watch Series 7 also becomes a luxury technological gadget, with its series of dials and straps inspired by the French brand, universally known for the quality of its craftsmanship, to accompany the normal functions of the Apple Watch Series 7, but at a cost of 1.869 euros.
  • Speaker Horizon Light Up by Louis Vuitton - Let's go back to mention Louis Vuitton for another hi-tech gadget dedicated to listening to music, namely the Horizon Light Up speaker, which incorporates the lines of the well-known shoulder bag created by Frenchman Nicolas Ghesquière and offers above all technical features of the highest level, such as the three-inch subwoofer, the three integrated microphones, the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, even if the weight is not exactly a convenience, being just under a kilo ... which costs 2.450 euros.
  • Smartwatch “Tambour Horizon Light Up” by Louis Vuitton - Let's stay at Louis Vuitton for another design smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon Light Up, a real luxury hi-tech object, thanks to the 1.2-inch circular AMOLED display in sapphire crystal, surrounded by the ring with 24 LED-backlit Monogram flowers, and the Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor to support the French brand's proprietary operating system, for a price that exceeds 3.000 euros.
  • Xbox by Gucci -Let's move on to the first Italian brand on this list and dive into the world of video game consoles, given that the collaboration between the fashion house Gucci and the technological company Sony has given life to 100 limited edition numbered sets consisting of a Xbox Series X, decorated with the classic GG motif of the Italian brand, and a pair of wireless controllers for decorated with the red and blue Gucci Web ribbon, all inside a hard case reminiscent of the Gucci archive suitcases. price of this luxurious hi-tech collector's item? 7.000 euros.
  • Ledger Nano X by Fendi - Let's stay in Italy, but let's move on to Fendi, for the latest super-technological luxury gadget in this ranking: this is the wallet for digital tokens, designed in two versions by Silvia Venturini Fendi, who has revived the version in miniature of two of the most famous bags of the brand. But for the price you still need to wait... at least until June.


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