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Back to news What are the best destinations for luxury travel in Italy? What are the best destinations for luxury travel in Italy?

What are the best destinations for luxury travel in Italy?

In Italy there are luxury destinations for all tastes: from the mountains to the most exclusive seaside resorts, passing through the most sought-after tourist destinations.


Traveling in Italy is always a guarantee of breathtaking landscapes and top quality products, and there are several destinations also known for the luxury they offer their guests. From the mountain peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites, to the most exclusive seaside resorts and the most popular tourist destinations for art and services. Let's find out together the best destinations for luxury travel in Italy.


Luxury destinations in the mountains: where to find them in Italy

Luxury destinations in Italy: mountain destinations - Santandrea Luxury Houses For those who desire a luxury vacation, Italy is certainly a good idea. The Italian territory offers exclusive options of comfort and services in the most disparate locations: from the Alpine and Dolomite peaks to the crystalline waters of the islands. Without forgetting the tourist destinations linked to art and the possibilities of the metropolis. Starting with those who love the mountains, and therefore from Northern Italy, there are many places that offer the utmost luxury near the Italian peaks. In our recent article we have already talked about chalets to rent or buy in Italy. For a luxury holiday in the mountains, the Dolomite resorts are a guarantee of comfort and proximity to the ski slopes, especially in Trentino Alto Adige, but Courmayer for the Aosta Valley and Bormio for Lombardy also offer many options.

Remaining in Lombardy, Lake Como is an ideal location for a luxury holiday surrounded by unique views and with the possibility of crossing the lake by boat, perhaps staying in one of the various hotels in the area with classy interiors, swimming pools and terrace with a view. Between Lombardy and Veneto there is also Lake Garda, another ideal environment for a luxury holiday, with its villages on the shores of the lake, the unique views and the various hotels available especially in Gardone Riviera. Returning from the lakes to the mountain peaks, the Dolomites also offer other ideal locations for a luxury holiday, such as Sestriere (Piedmont) and Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino Alto Adige), while the Venetian Alps host Cortina d'Ampezzo. Also in Veneto, for maximum comfort and luxury, it is possible to visit Abano Terme, known above all for its thermal baths and for the comforts guaranteed to visitors.

Italian luxury destinations by the sea: which ones to choose

Luxury destinations in Italy by the sea - Santandrea Luxury Houses If Italian mountains really offer many opportunities for a luxury holiday, the seaside resorts in Italy are not behind. For a beach holiday there are many possibilities, especially in Southern Italy and the islands. But also Liguria, for example, can boast the Cinque Terre (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore), and also another renowned location such as Portofino, a picturesque town suitable for hosting a luxury holiday, for its classy hotels and excellent fish restaurants. Talking about luxurious and elegant beach holidays, it is necessary to quote the Amalfi Coast, which stretches from Sorrento to Ravello and is famous for the splendid cliffs and the fantastic bays formed by its inlets. The scenic beauty here is combined with the possibility of staying in various luxury hotels, especially in Amalfi and Positano. There are also other luxury destinations in Campania, in particular two islands: Capri, the favorite destination for VIPs in the Gulf of Naples, and Ischia, where you can find every comfort and high quality services, from hotels to restaurants and spas.

In Italy, however, there are two other most famous islands: Sardinia and Sicily. Starting with the first, Sardinia's scenic beauty and incredible beaches are known all over the world, but the island is also known for the possibility of spending luxury holidays in different areas. Surely one of these is the Costa Smeralda, in the North-West, but the whole northern Sardinian coast is perfect for finding both unique maritime views and top-level services, as in Stintino, Costa Paradiso and La Maddalena. Going further south, we obviously find Sicily, which boasts many unique and breathtaking seaside resorts, as well as the possibility of spending luxurious and comfortable stays. A mention in this sense certainly goes to Taormina, a real jewel overlooking the Ionian Sea, with its Ancient Theater overlooking Mount Etna and various options for a stay in the name of luxury and elegance. Throughout the island you can find other locations with incredible seascapes and quality services, and in particular the Aeolian archipelago, north of Sicily, is at the top of the list, with Panarea first in the ranking for a luxury holiday on the sea.

The best luxury tourist destinations in Italy

Best luxury tourist destinations in Italy - Santandrea Luxury Houses From the scenic and natural beauties, both in the mountains and at the sea, we are now moving to the artistic, cultural and service-related ones. In fact this option must also be considered when organizing a luxury holiday in Italy. Just think of a city like Venice, built in fact on the Adriatic Sea, but famous above all for its architectural beauties and for its exclusive hotels scattered throughout the lagoon. Venice offers several luxury hotels overlooking the famous Grand Canal, flanked by splendid Renaissance and Gothic palaces, magnificent churches - mostly known for their mosaics - and picturesque views. A luxury holiday in Italy, however, can also be focused on comfort and services, concerning which Milan is certainly at the forefront. As the Italian economic center, Milan offers the best in the field of luxury hotels, hosting one of the few 7 stars in the world, but also in terms of restaurants, museums, exhibitions, events and everything related to social life in general.

Returning instead to the search for scenic and, at the same time, artistic beauties, it is a must to mention Tuscany. Obviously Florence is the best known city and due to its largest number of buildings and works of art, especially from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as to the great range of luxury hotels and restaurants. But Tuscany also includes destinations for a luxury holiday throughout the Chianti area, with its farmhouses offering comfort and unique landscapes, and in the Siena area. Even Versilia, the stretch of coast between Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio, is famous for its trendy clubs and for the frequentization of VIPs and foreign tycoons. Finally, for a luxury holiday in a tourist destination, you cannot forget Rome. The Eternal City has nothing to envy to those already mentioned in terms of art, services and luxury accommodation, within a unique architectural context that allows you to relive the entire history of Europe.


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