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Back to news The most expensive luxury homes in the world and in Italy The most expensive luxury homes in the world and in Italy

The most expensive luxury homes in the world and in Italy

Around our planet there are luxury homes which have an inestimable value ... or almost. Let's take a trip among the most expensive houses in the world and the most expensive properties in Italy.


Around our planet there are luxury homes which have an inestimable value ... or almost. We propose a trip among the most expensive homes in the world and the most expensive properties in Italy, to discover the prices of these incredible homes, their characteristics and the locations that host them and that increase their value.


The most expensive houses in the world

Most expensive houses in the world - Santandrea Luxury Houses The luxury real estate market is obviously the main focus of our articles, since it represents the sector we know best and in which we operate on a daily basis. We have dedicated several articles to the renovation of luxury homes, to the taxation that these require in Italy and also to the furnishing of the various environments and types of luxury homes - topics included in the dedicated section of our website. This time we want to offer an overview of the most expensive houses in the world and, of course, in Italy. These are unique properties, with multimillion-dollar valuations and truly exclusive: let's discover them, starting with the five most expensive homes in the world.

  • Antilia (Mumbai, India) - This skyscraper in the center of Mumbai is 190 meters high, for a total of 27 floors and over 37.000 square meters, and inside there are also a gym, various ballrooms, a cinema and a myriad of bedrooms, as well as including a helipad for 3 helicopters on the roof and a parking lot for 160 cars. All at the disposal of the owner Mukesh Ambani, the Indian oil and gas magnate, who employs 600 people. Estimated value: approximately 2 billion dollars.
  • Villa Leopolda (French Riviera, France) - We move to Europe, precisely in France, for this property dates back more than 100 years ago, it is located in an estate on the bay between Monaco, Nice and Cannes (on the French Riviera) and includes a 7.430 square meter building, including 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and a greenhouse. Estimated value: approximately 750 million dollars.
  • Safra Mansion (São Paulo, Brazil) - We move to South America for the largest house in all of Brazil, owned by the Safra family of bankers from Sao Paulo, who were inspired by the French Villa Leopolda, but expanding its size , for a total of 130 bedrooms and two swimming pools. Estimated value: approximately 500 million dollars.
  • The One (Bel-Air, California) - This huge residence spans approximately 100.000 square meters in the exclusive context of Bel-Air, California, offering owners a main house of approximately 73.900 square meters, for a total of 20 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, a bowling alley and rooms for all kinds of entertainment. Estimated value: approximately 500 million dollars.
  • Knightsbridge Mansion (London, England) - Let's go back to Europe, and precisely to London, for this building, born as a series of terraced houses then merged into a single white Victorian-style structure, very close to Hyde Park and Harrod's department stores, with a total area of ​​5.760 square meters divided over 7 floors. Estimated value: approximately 285 million dollars.

The most expensive houses in Italy

Most expensive houses in Italy - Santandrea Luxury Houses The time has come to focus on the Italian market for luxury homes, where prices certainly cannot compete with those of the most expensive homes in the world, but where there is certainly no lack of choice for those wishing to buy an exclusive property and that is positioned in a breathtaking location. Let's find out the ranking of the most expensive houses in Italy… with a small final surprise!

  • Scandicci (Florence, Tuscany) - The most expensive luxury house in Italy is located near Scandicci, dates back to the sixteenth century and measures 2.800 square meters. The property is located within an estate that boasts a total area of ​​270.000 square meters (including parks, gardens, tree-lined avenues and a swimming pool) and consists of 3 floors above ground, a basement and two upper floors, which respectively house the sleeping area and an area dedicated to fitness as well as a large terrace overlooking the Tuscan hills. Estimated value: 25 million euros.
  • Porto Rotondo (Olbia, Sardinia) - We move to Sardinia for this estate that covers 10.000 square meters of surface, and is located in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, within a location immersed in the Sardinian scrub and composed of 7 houses, for a total of 24 beds. This incredible property also includes a swimming pool equipped with a waterfall, a hydromassage area, the possibility of counter-current swimming and a diving board made from a rock. Estimated value: 19 and a half million euros.
  • Poggibonsi (Siena, Tuscany) - The third most expensive property in Italy is, like the first, in Tuscany, but is located near Poggibonsi (Siena) and measures 600 square meters. This 12th-century estate includes a manor house, several cellars and a smaller house, for a total of 6 rooms, and offers a unique view of the surrounding Sienese hills. Estimated value: 18 million euros.
  • Arzachena (Sassari, Sardinia) - From Tuscany we return to Sardinia, precisely to Arzachena (Sassari) for this property near the exclusive resort of Porto Cervo and designed to offer all possible comforts, including a spa, a large swimming pool, a bathroom turkish and a sauna, within a large and green estate. Estimated value: 17 million euros.
  • Santa Margherita Ligure (Genoa, Liguria) - This property is located in Liguria, overlooking the Gulf of Portofino, and includes a main villa of 360 square meters, an annex, a swimming pool, a garden and a garage. Estimated value: 15 million euros.
  • Mogliano Veneto (Treviso, Veneto) - We move to Veneto for this villa built in the eighteenth century, made unique by stuccos and frescoes dating back to the period of the Doges of Venice and by a private consecrated church. The property, currently used as a hotel, measures 2.600 square meters and is surrounded by a park of 40.000 square meters, which also houses a park with centuries-old trees and three spring lakes. Estimated value: 12 and a half million euros.
  • Albisola Superiore (Savona, Liguria) - Here we are again in Liguria, but in the Savona area, for this villa with panoramic sea views and surrounded by a centuries-old park of 5.500 square meters. This luxury property includes a panoramic seawater swimming pool, terrace, porch, indoor pool with spa and fitness area, as well as an independent apartment of approximately 70 square meters. Estimated value: 12 million euros.
  • Como (Lombardy) - One of the most expensive homes in Italy could not be missing a property on the shores of Lake Como, including a large dock to accommodate a boat. The house measures approximately 500 square meters, which includes a total of 10 rooms and 4 bathrooms, a terrace with a veranda overlooking the lake and an outbuilding including another 3 bedrooms and a study; all surrounded by a garden of about 4.000 square meters. Estimated value: 12 million euros.

To tell the truth, at Santandrea we also have a property for sale - without considering the private negotiations - which could appear in the ranking of the most expensive houses in Italy, namely the magnificent Pesceluna villa in Arzachena, nestled in the green hills behind Porto Cervo, in an enviable panoramic position and very close to an exclusive location like this area of ​​Sardinia, in fact. But there are also many other solutions for those wishing to buy a luxury villa among the most expensive in Italy. There are, for example, several luxury mountain chalets for sale, which we present in a dedicated article. For instance, we want to mention a few, such as the luxury chalet in Sestriere (Piedmont), close to the ski slopes and with an area of ​​over 600 square meters, which can be bought for about 5 and a half million euros.
For 7 million euros, on the other hand, it is possible to buy a chalet with a view of the Dolomites in Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino Alto Adige), with interiors of about 500 square meters and exteriors of 1.500 square meters. The other places to focus on when buying a luxury chalet in the mountains are Cortina d'Ampezzo (as far as the Alps are concerned), Livigno and Courmayeur (in the Dolomites), where several properties even exceed the 10 million euro valuation. Even with regard to luxury castles for sale in Italy, which are the topic of another article, there is no shortage of options. A few examples? For about 5 million euros it is possible to purchase an estate of 7.520 square meters, located in San Miniato, on the hills near Pisa (Tuscany), and surrounded by 110 hectares of land. Near Trento, on the other hand, it is possible to buy Castel Valer, built in the 13th century in the Val di Non, for about 16 million euros. But the castles for sale in Italy are many more: to discover the others too, we suggest you take a tour on the website Castello in vendita.


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