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Back to news The luxury train arrives in Italy: price and itinerary of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita The luxury train arrives in Italy: price and itinerary of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita

The luxury train arrives in Italy: price and itinerary of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita

The Orient Express is the exclusive luxury train that will soon also arrive in Italy with the “La Dolce Vita” project: we will find out the itineraries, the characteristics of the train and the ticket prices.


The Orient Express is the exclusive luxury train that will soon also arrive in Italy with the “La Dolce Vita” project: let's find out the itineraries, the characteristics of the train and the ticket prices.


La Dolce Vita: the Italian Orient Express project

Almost a century and a half has passed since the first Orient Express journey, based on an idea of ​​Georges Nagelmackers, heir to the oldest Belgian bank, who was inspired by the trains of George Mortimer Pullman, seen on a trip to the United States. Between the late 1800s and the 1930s, the Orient Express was an avant-garde and elegant luxury train, with varnished, steam-heated and gas-lit teak wood carriages. The attention to details and the interior’s comfort made this train a true luxury hotel on rails, as well as having stimulated the imagination of directors, cartoonists and writers, including the great Agatha Christie with her "Murder on the Orient Express". About 150 years later, the Orient Express is once again a reality for travelers from all over the world and, very soon, it will also arrive in Italy. In fact, starting from 2023, it will be possible to travel on the Orient Express “La Dolce Vita”, a project born from an agreement between the French group Accor (which has owned the "Orient Express" brand since 2017), Trenitalia and Arsenale S.p.A. (company that operates in luxury hospitality), and aimed at lovers of slow and luxury rail tourism.

This exclusive convoy is inspired by the years of “La Dolce Vita”, offering different itineraries (tene at the moment) through 14 Italian regions, with Rome as the heart and central stop of the route. In Rome, in fact, you will first find the lounge room dedicated to the guests of the Italian Orient Express, inside a historic building that will be renovated near Rome Termini Station. In addition to this, the Capital will also host the first hotel signed by the brand which will open in 2024, the Hotel Orient Express Minerva. This luxury hotel will be built in the former Palazzo Fonseca (now of Arsenale S.p.A.), one of the favorite buildings of visitors to Rome such as Herman Melville, Stendhal and George Sand. The Orient Express Minerva Hotel - 93 rooms, 24 suites and a Guerlain spa - will be the forerunner for the openings scheduled in London, Paris, Milan and Florence, as well as representing the center of the Italian Orient Express project “La Dolce Vita”.

The exclusive interiors of the Orient Express

In this luxury train nothing can be left to chance, especially the interiors designed for the few passengers who will be able to afford this exclusive journey. The design of the Orient Express “La Dolce Vita” was made by the well-known international studio Dimorestudio which wanted to pay homage to the Roman La Dolce Vita of the Sixties and Seventies in the choice of furnishings and livery. The inspiration that guided the interior concept came both from the masters of Italian design of that period, namely Gio Ponti, Carlo Scarpa, Piero Fornasetti and Ignazio Gardella, and from the creative genius of artists such as Lucio Fontana, Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani and other exponents of Italian Spatialism. These sources of inspiration were taken up by Dimorestudio within the 12 deluxe cabins, the 18 suites, the suite of honor and the restaurant, which obviously provides a menu of the highest level and fine Italian wines. In particular, the dining car includes rattan-style curtains, precious tables with glass tops, chairs decorated with fabrics with floral patterns and surfaces with a marble finish.

The design recalling the Sixties and the Seventies has obviously been designed in a more modern style, thanks to colorful carpets, panoramic windows and works of contemporary art in the carriages. Going more into the detail of the interiors of the Orient Express “La Dolce Vita”, the project includes textures and finishes combined in all spaces, a color palette composed of neutrals flanked by deep reds and oranges. Moving on to the private areas, here the shades become colder, with shades of green and blue, always taking up the mixture of models and finishes. In the public areas, on the other hand, the neat banquette seating contrasts with the straight lines of the carriage, while the lighting varies from art deco style wall lights to simpler pendants and lamps. It is almost obvious to specify that, in such a context, the dress code of the passengers must also be adequate and respect the minimum standards of elegance, such as the mandatory jacket and tie on board, in addition to the tuxedo required for dinner - as regards men's clothing.

Itinerary and prices of the most exclusive luxury train

Orient Express La Dolce Vita: information and price - Santandrea Luxury Houses The Orient Express “La Dolce Vita” is therefore a luxury train that is unique in the world for its elegance, interior style and comfort. But not only. The itineraries of this train are also truly unique and exclusive. Currently, ten routes have already been planned (with overnight stays from one to three nights) through 14 regions and 131 Italian cities. The ten sections will be covered by six trains, for a total of more than 16.000 km of railway lines - of which 7.000 km are not electrified - and will also reach three international destinations, connecting Rome to Paris, Istanbul and Split. The itineraries of this exclusive luxury train cater for all tastes. Including those of Chiara Ferragni, who was recently photographed aboard the already active route between Venice and Paris. This journey includes a single night of travel, but the price is still staggering, since it can reach up to 4.800 euros, however, starting from more than 2.500 euros for a ticket in a single or double cabin. The route from Venice to London costs just under 4.000 euros, while getting from Venice to Istanbul costs more than 8.500 euros. After having anticipated the rates for international journeys, we can move on to those within the Italian territory, whose prices are not yet defined. As for Italy, there are ten routes already planned and include different packages, ranging from one to three nights.

There will be the Alpine Train, which will depart from Milan and arrive in Cortina, the Truffle and Wine Train, which will cross Piedmont and Liguria, with a focus on wine and culinary themes. Three different convoys are planned for Sicily: one in the West of the region, from Palermo to Trapani, one dedicated to Baroque Sicily and one that will go from West to East, following a food and wine itinerary. The Route of the Sirens, on the other hand, will travel along the Ionian side of Basilicata and Calabria, but there will also be a convoy between Salento and Matera, which will also be touched by the route that, via the Trans-Siberian of Italy, will arrive in Rome. The city will also be the point of departure and arrival of the itinerary that will cross the Val d’Orcia and the Tuscan Maremma. And, as anticipated, trains will always depart from Rome to the three international destinations of Paris, Istanbul and Split. Dream itineraries through beautiful territories, inside luxury carriages with a unique design. The Orient Express “La Dolce Vita” promises to be a truly exclusive and unforgettable, a luxury, slow and sustainable travel. Yes, because it should also be remembered that the “La Dolce Vita” project also includes a series of ecological interventions aimed at ensuring the sustainability of its railway line.


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