Santandrea Agency Team and Santandrea Luxury Houses Selection projects

The transformation following the crisis that has hit the real estate market in the last years has led to two results: on the one hand an overall improvement of the real estate sector, on the other the search for new spaces and the introduction of different ways of living, in a perspective increasingly oriented to spend to use. 

The changed scenarios of the RE market require new solutions, in step with the times and with the ever more frequent demand for smart, modern and highly innovative homes. 

The way of renting, buying and sharing are changing. Keeping up with change is a necessity, and for us at Santandrea it means knowing how to give a quality answer to the new market’s needs. With this aim we have developed "Santandrea Agency Team" project, choosing to combine a territorial presence with a consolidated competence in the field of prestigious properties on a national scale. 

The synergy born between the best partners of the Gabetti Group, which daily act on exclusive areas, and the Santandrea company, which for forty years interprets the requests of high profile customers, are the perfect mix to fulfil these needs. So the customer could take advantage both of the Santandrea’s global vision and the partner’s territorial experience.

With this project is born our new magazine "Santandrea Luxury Houses Selection", which will be the ideal tool to promote and present the top properties of our customers. 

We lauch this first issue by thanking all the agencies that have followed us along the path that has led us to this new beginning, with the best wishes for an ever more fruitful collaboration.

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