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Back to news Luxury aromas: brands and costs of the most expensive perfumes in the world Luxury aromas: brands and costs of the most expensive perfumes in the world

Luxury aromas: brands and costs of the most expensive perfumes in the world

When can a perfume be defined as a luxury one? Which are the most expensive in the world? Here is the ranking of the most expensive perfumes, with their prices and the names of the brands that produce them.


When can a perfume be defined as a luxury one? Which are the most exclusive in the world? And what are the best luxury fragrance brands? Here is the ranking of the most expensive perfumes in the world, both for men and women, and the list of the best brands.


All about luxury perfumes

Luxury perfumes: what to know - Santandrea Luxury Houses Perfumes are a decisive element for those who want to convey the elegance of their tastes and, at the same time, the care they devote to their image. A luxury perfume, for both men and women, is an article that enhances the style of the wearer and denotes their elegance. In addition to this, the right perfume is also the worthy completion of clothing, accompanying it and emphasizing its class. In particular, luxury perfumes are defined by specific characteristics that make them such, therefore also very expensive. Luxury perfumes are characterized above all by their rarity, being often produced in limited editions, and by the fact that they are only available in some authorized perfumeries.

Furthermore, these fragrances are durable, resistant and keep their quality unchanged over time, thanks to an artisanal production, which involves a long period of infusion of the aromas in the alcoholic solution. These qualities obviously make luxury perfumes also expensive, often with very high prices, also due to the value of the raw materials that compose them. This is why some perfumes, both for men and women, are very expensive and truly exclusive, just like some models of luxury watches, which we present in a dedicated article, or luxury bags produced by the most famous fashion brands.

The most expensive men's perfumes

Luxury perfumes: men's perfumes - Santandrea Luxury Houses Starting with the most expensive men's perfumes in the world, we offer you a selection of some fragrances with very high prices, in some cases even thousands of euros. These are perfumes produced by the most famous brands, being at the top for their quality, but also contained in bottles with a unique design and made of precious materials. This is why these products can be defined as real luxury perfumes. Like the Lalique for Bentley, covered with a cap that takes the shape of the "B" with the wings of an eagle, or the symbol of the famous British car producer Bentley, already mentioned in our article dedicated to luxury cars. The bottle, then, is made of crystal, for a total price of over 3.000 euros for 50 ml of perfume.

For about 650 euros, however, you can buy Clive Christian's N.1 Pure Parfum (of which there is also a version designed for women), characterized by aromas such as Tahitian vanilla, centifolia rose and Indian jasmine. Moving on to the Imperial Emerald EDP from the brand The Merchant of Venice, the price drops to "only" 265 euros for 50 ml of perfume, also due to the bottle made of Murano glass and decorated with the colors of the peacock. To close this list of the most expensive men's luxury perfumes, it is worth mentioning the Creed Aventus, characterized by an intense and lasting fragrance, enclosed in a flask-shaped bottle. The price? Around 250 euros for a 50ml bottle.

The most expensive women's perfumes in the world

Luxury perfumes: women's perfumes - Santandrea Luxury Houses The time has come to move on to a selection of the most exclusive and expensive luxury perfumes for women, for which there is plenty of choice. In fact, there are many elegant and refined feminine fragrances, made for collectors and perfume lovers. Obviously, even the bottles of the most expensive women's perfumes are design ones, in some cases artistic, and made of precious materials, to contain unique, persistent and refined aromas. One of these is Joy by Jean Patou, produced in only 50 copies a year worldwide, making it more unique than rare. Its bottle is rectangular, characterized by minimal and elegant lines, and covered by a golden cap, for a price of around 1.500 euros.

Moving on to the very famous Hermès perfume brand, one of the flagships of the French maison is certainly 24 Faubourg, of which only a thousand bottles have been produced, all rectangular and with a simple taste, with a gold-colored cap and an orange "sunset" package, which increases its elegance. To buy an example of this luxury perfume, you need around 1.500 euros, although the most complicated task is to find one available. In this list of the most expensive women's luxury perfumes, the best known brand in the sector could not be missing, namely Chanel. In particular, the perfume N.5 Grand Extrait is a variant of the famous fragrance, but even more intense and contained in a 225 ml bottle, costing 4.200 euros.

Luxury perfumes: niche fragrances

Luxury perfumes: niche fragrances - Santandrea Luxury Houses In the world there are several brands that produce luxury perfumes, therefore there are also many models and precious pieces with a very high commercial value. The most expensive perfumes are truly niche fragrances, often characterized by their rarity, very high quality, durability and the uniqueness of the packages that contain them. The latter are design bottles contained in well-kept boxes, designed by artists, decorated with precious materials or even coated with gems. One such collector's item is DKNY's Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle, a fragrance contained in a round shaped bottle covered with 2.909 precious stones from around the world (Brazilian tourmaline, pink diamonds from Australia, sapphires and other types of rare diamonds set in white and yellow gold), which reflect the unmistakable skyline of New York. This veritable work of art was sold, just as the name indicates, for a million dollars.

But there is an even more expensive perfume, namely Shumukh, created by Spirit of Dubai Perfumes in the United Arab Emirates, after three years of research, which led to a unique fragrance contained in a 197 cm bottle. The price? One and a half million euros. Coming down considerably in price, we find the Clive Christian Imperial Jubilee, whose 28 ml bottle costs “only” 12.000 euros, also due to the precious glass and the golden cap with diamonds. Finally, we want to close this review with Les Larmes Sac De Terre by Baccarat, sold at 6.800 euros per bottle and characterized by the famous crystals that form the bottle and the cap. In short, they can not be compared to luxury products as the most expensive diamonds in the world - which we present in another article -, but also the most expensive perfumes on the planet are truly exclusive items and… only for a few!


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