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Interiors, prices and design of luxury prefabricated houses

Luxury prefabricated houses are increasingly in vogue for their quality of combining design, comfort and high quality components with excellent energy performance, meeting the criteria of sustainability and customization.


Prefabricated luxury houses are increasingly in vogue for their unique ability to combine design, comfort and high quality components. These homes also offer the guarantee of excellent energy performance, going in the direction of sustainability criteria and, at the same time, customization based on the needs of the owners.


Prefabricated luxury houses: advantages and features

Prefabricated luxury houses: advantages and features - Santandrea Luxury Houses We have already dealt with the issue of luxury homes several times, especially with respect to how to best furnish a home of this type. In this article, however, after having already treated the topic of luxury mini houses, we will focus on luxury prefabricated houses, a very particular category of homes characterized by a strong ecological footprint that also aims to reduce consumption and environmental impact - therefore designed for sustainability -, but also by a wide possibility of customization and, above all, from the certainty of the implementation times, which are also reduced by about two thirds compared to those required by a normal home. In particular, the luxury prefabricated houses are modular designer apartments with fine finishes and cared for down to the smallest detail, thanks above all to a very high quality in the production of components, based on an automated process with practically no margins of error. The times required to complete the construction and deliver the house to the owners are in fact reduced thanks to the fact that all the components are already produced and prepared before the moment of excavation of the foundations, but above all pre-installed, especially as regards the external envelope, which already includes the electrical system in the walls. In this way, the time that elapses between the estimate and the delivery of the keys is always guaranteed and can be as little as 9 months - or, more realistically, a year -, therefore much less than the timing of a traditional house.

One of the points that could slow down the delivery is above all that relating to building permits, which we also address in our article on the renovation of a luxury home. Going into the specifics of luxury prefabricated houses, the latter stand out for their design, the quality of the materials chosen and the furnishings chosen for their interiors. Another element that makes a prefabricated house a luxury one are the technological aspects, starting from the very high level of energy performance and the possibility of managing all the components of the house and optimizing energy efficiency through home automation, which we present in another article specifically dedicated to the topic. Obviously, the home automation configuration can change the price, but also allow owners to activate, deactivate and adjust various aspects of the home directly from mobile devices such as remote controls or smartphones, via wireless protocols. This is why this building sector is able to offer, on the one hand, high-class and technological apartments, but also real luxury villas, thanks to the very wide possibility of customization offered by prefabricated buildings, guaranteed by the absence of urban and technical limitations. which allows you to design the home according to the tastes, needs and budget of the clients. For all these reasons - but not only, as we will see - luxury prefabricated houses are increasingly widespread in the real estate market and are destined to establish themselves more and more, thanks to the uniqueness of the advantages they offer.

The types of prefabricated luxury houses

Prefabricated luxury houses: types - Santandrea Luxury Houses The prefabricated luxury houses generally have very high quality interiors, but what distinguishes them is the choice of the main material, which can mainly be of three types: wood, concrete and steel. Here is a summary of the main features of each of these categories.

  • WOOD: Starting from the timing required for the habitability of a prefabricated wooden house, it can be said that from the date of the order, in the absence of hitches, it takes between nine and twelve months to enter the house. In addition to this, wood is an insulating material both at a thermal and acoustic level, guaranteeing excellent energy performance which, in some cases, also allows for a zero bill for heating, cooling and domestic hot water or even to produce more energy than necessary and zero emissions in the case of a correctly sized photovoltaic system. Wood is also light and resistant, has no time limits and above all guarantees all the comfort and quality typical of natural materials.
  • CONCRETE: Prefabricated concrete houses, on the other hand, above all guarantee efficiency and durability, given that concrete is both an insulating and non-perishable material, even in contexts of high humidity, resistant to corrosion by atmospheric agents thanks to the external concrete shell. Cement is also a guarantee against fires, it does not require frequent maintenance, it is ideal for the latest generation heaters that require mass to heat in winter and cool in summer. In addition to this, concrete guarantees excellent aesthetic possibilities and very high levels of both anti-seismic safety and energy efficiency. With respect to the construction times, it can be said that a prefabricated concrete house is habitable about seven months after the start of the works, but, in cases where the company that designs is the same that builds the house, it is possible to go down less than three months from excavation to construction for a villa of about 200 square meters with basement.
  • STEEL: The keywords of prefabricated steel houses are anti-seismic and eco-sustainability, but this type of housing also guarantees an unlimited duration and unparalleled resistance to seismic events. Steel is in fact resistant, light and flexible at the same time, guaranteeing a zero-degradation structure and latest generation casings, with dry systems, which offer thermal and acoustic insulation. With respect to the construction times of prefabricated steel houses, the crucial issue is the building permits, which can take eight or nine months, while the construction times of the house itself vary from about four to about six months. However, prefabricated steel houses are the top of the range as regards anti-seismic monitoring, protection from magnetic waves and radon gas, with almost no need for maintenance.

The prices of prefabricated luxury houses in Italy

Prefabricated luxury houses: prices in Italy - Santandrea Luxury Houses Finally, it is time to move on to the prices of luxury prefabricated houses in Italy, where this market is growing sharply, as anticipated a few lines ago. The prices of prefabricated houses can vary according to various factors, such as the complexity of the project, the quantity and type of customizations, as well as the choice of the main material among the three analyzed above. Considering that the average price is between 1.500 and 2.000 euros per square meter, focusing on luxury homes the price rises to more than 2.000 euros per square meter, which is not very far from a high-end solution in traditional construction, and they vary mostly on the basis of furnishing solutions - especially in the case of design ones -, the choice of materials and the level of energy efficiency, which, as already noted, can go as far as zeroing the bill.

Starting then from the prefabricated wooden houses, the price obviously varies from the characteristics of the building, from the technological components and from the interior finishes, but the cost of a custom designed villa of about 200 square meters is attested around 400.000 euros for a service that it also includes foundations and connections. Moving on to luxury prefabricated concrete houses, the price range does not differ much from wooden ones, since it is between 1.500 and 1.800 euros per square meter. Finally, even the average cost of a prefabricated steel house is similar to that of a wooden or concrete house, since it can start from 1.200 euros per square meter, up to around 1.450 euros, for a villa that exceeds 200 square meters, or even 1.600 euros for a house of about 110 square meters, referring to a luxury villa equipped with home automation.


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