Home Together, the future of living is built today

The house is the place where space is experimentinga great transformation. The way of living is changing faster and faster, but inwhat direction? We will talk about this at Home Together, the first congressthat on 26 and 27 January 2018 will bring together the entire real estatesystem chain at the MiCo in Milan, in a multifunctional, unique and innovative location.The great theme of the future of living will be faced, for the first time, in thebiggest event in the sector.

Santandrea will also bring his experiences, in thesetwo days full of events, such as work tables, conferences, talk shows and groupactivities, in which we will analyze the scenarios and trends of the market,with an eye always attentive to the innovation. Topics such as consultancy,enhancement, management, retraining, brokerage and credit and insurancebrokerage will be dealt with.

If we want to choose the future we must imagineit in order to build it in the best way, the one that best represents us.

Find out more about the event on the website www.hometogether.it