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Everything you need to know about luxury sofas

Choosing a luxury sofa is essential to enhance the entire living room furniture in a home that is both welcoming and elegant at the same time: from the models to the materials, to the brands and prices, let’s find out everything about luxury sofas.


Choosing a luxury sofa is essential for enhancing the entire living room furniture in a home that is both welcoming and elegant at the same time. From the attention to the choice of models and materials, to uniformity with the design style of the house, to the selection of brands and the evaluation about prices: let's take a look at luxury sofas.


Luxury sofas: types and materials

Luxury sofas: types and materials - Santandrea Luxury Houses The furnishing of luxury homes is a theme that we address, on a more general level, in a dedicated article, but this time we will focus specifically on luxury sofas, the beating heart of the living room, therefore of the entire home. This room, in terms of design, must revolve around an elegant and comfortable sofa, which is in line with the style chosen to furnish the entire environment and, in general, the entire house. This is why the choice of the sofa is essential in furnishing the living room. The first element to evaluate is represented by the design of the sofa, which can be of different types: angular, also in the corner variant with peninsula, linear or modular, chaise longue, but not only. The corner sofa is ideal for exploiting the living room spaces, especially if it is a luxury open space, the theme of a recent article. The choice of a modular sofa, on the other hand, is ideal for varying the layout of the interiors, perhaps with an "L" or "U" shape, and also very convenient for moving around and cleaning. The chaise longue sofa, on the other hand, is a guarantee as regards the union of elegance and sobriety, as well as being comfortable and welcoming. Another variable is that linked to the number of seats of the luxury sofa, which can vary from three to five seats, passing through the median size of the four seats. Once the shape and dimensions have been established, it is necessary to move on to the style of the sofa, which must be in line with the style chosen to furnish the entire living room - a topic to which we have reserved a dedicated article.

Starting from the classic style in a luxury living room, the sofa must refer to a bygone historical era, resulting in elegant and refined, but at the same time comfortable and classy, also thanks to decorative cushions. The latter represent a typical accessory that combines comfort and elegance, in different patterns and colors. If you choose to furnish your living room in English style - the subject of another article -, the choice will fall on a large leather sofa, to be placed side by side with one or two armchairs. Obviously there are many other options regarding the types of luxury sofas: the Chesterfield one, which generally has three seats, a low backrest and a quilted or capitonné pattern on the backrest and armrests, the very comfortable Lawson sofa, which provides a backrest composed of large cushions, the 1950s modern sofa and the modern contemporary one, which stand out above all for the fact that one falls within the classic furnishing style and the other in modern design. Without neglecting the camel hump sofa, the Cabriole and the Tuxedo. Finally, leaving aside the theme of coloring, which must be in tone with that of the rest of the living room, the last variable to consider is the material of the luxury sofa. Usually the choice falls on leather, the generally preferred material for luxury sofas, or on velvet, but there are also solutions in linen, cotton, wool and more modern materials such as microfibers.

The best brands of luxury sofas

Luxury sofas: best brands - Santandrea Luxury Houses After this overview of the types, designs, materials and styles of luxury sofas, it is now time to present the best brands of luxury sofas, obviously Italian. The craftsmanship of sofas in Italy is in fact among the best in the world, especially as regards luxury products. The latter are able to combine class and practicality, elegance and comfort, in addition to the resistance guaranteed by materials of the highest level. Precious fabrics, perfect padding, design and attention to detail make these luxury sofas real jewels: here are the best brands.

  • Mascheroni is a brand known for the quality of its sofas, all handcrafted in fine materials and with excellent finishes.
  • Ped Artigiani Italia the brand of Italian luxury sofas par excellence, famous all over the world for the highest quality leathers and hand-made padding, as well as tailor-made designs based on the needs of the individual customer.
  • Mantellassi has been producing luxury sofas for almost a century and its strengths are the structural solidity and aesthetic elegance of its sofas, available in different styles to suit different types of living room.
  • Vismara Design is a brand known for its ability to integrate traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies and materials, as well as for the different types of padding, ranging from velvet to leather according to the customer's tastes.
  • Ravasi Salotti is a guarantee as regards the creation of classic style sofas, but also offers excellent solutions as regards contemporary design, and is known for the great attention paid to the choice of materials.
  • BM Style produces both classic and modern sofas, all in the name of class and attention to every detail, thanks also to the cooperation with well-known high fashion brands in the creation of some collections of luxury sofas.
  • Carpanelli has been making luxury sofas and furniture since 1919, so it offers the utmost experience and quality as regards craftsmanship, but it is a company also known for the quality of its upholstery materials, as well as for its prestigious finishes and coatings.

The prices of the best luxury sofas

Luxury sofas: types and materials - Santandrea Luxury Houses Concluding this article about the best luxury sofas, it is time to address the question that you are all asking: how much does it cost to buy one of these sofas? The answer obviously varies both on the basis of the brand chosen and on the design of the specific sofa, but it also depends on the dimensions and materials on which you decide to focus. Taking up the brands mentioned above, we can say that the basic prices for a sofa produced by BM Style or by Mascheroni are around 1.000 euros, but can reach and exceed 2.000 euros in many cases.

The same goes for the sofas by Ravasi Salotti, while those made by Vismara Design have a slightly higher starting cost, of around 1.500 euros. On the other hand, figures ranging between 2.000 and 3.000 euros for the luxury sofas of Carpanelli and Mantellassi, the two brands with the longest history in the sector. In short, there is no shortage of alternatives. Now you just have to find the luxury sofa that best suits the style of your living room.


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