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Everything you need to know about luxury paintings

Choosing a luxury painting is always a good idea to enhance the entire home furnishings and in particular the living room in a home that wants to be elegant and classy: from different styles to prices, we will find out all about luxury paintings.


Choosing a luxury painting is always a good idea to enhance the entire home decor and in particular the living room in a home that wants to be elegant and classy. From the attention to the choice of styles and lines, to uniformity with the design style of the house, to the selection of dimensions and the evaluation of prices: let's take a look at luxury paintings.


Luxury paintings to decorate the home

Best luxury paintings: decorate the home - Santandrea Luxury Houses The furnishing of luxury homes is a theme that we have addressed, on a more general level, in a dedicated article, but this time we will focus specifically on luxury paintings, which must be in line with the style chosen to furnish the entire home, to give the letter a truly unique touch of class and elegance. The paintings are an ideal piece of furniture for all environments, and in particular for the living room - to which we have reserved a dedicated article -, in case you want to introduce an intellectual and classy element to the room. In general, the choice of artistic installations aimed at creating a refined and elegant environment is also useful for giving greater identity to the whole design of the house. Just like luxury sofas, which we talk about in another article, even luxury paintings, in fact, immediately become a central element in the environment in which they are installed, obviously also based on their location and the combination with the other elements of furniture.

The different styles of the paintings, as well as the styles of furniture, are essential to guarantee a recognizable personality to the rooms. In addition to this, it is essential to pay the utmost attention to the choice of combinations between the shades and colors used both for the furniture and for the subjects of the paintings, with the aim of finding installations that act as glue between the walls and the furnishing elements. Alternatively, you can also choose to break the homogeneity of a room, inserting a painting that differs in style and color from the rest of the environment, but, even in this case, it is necessary to be balanced to impress guests without giving the impression that there was no creative thought behind the choice. Two other important variables related to luxury paintings for the home are their location - some installations can even be placed on the floor or on a shelf - and the dimensions - which can vary and allow you to choose whether to place them in the foreground or in less central areas.

The ideal paintings for a modern luxury living room

Best luxury paintings: luxury modern living room - Santandrea Luxury Houses Focusing on the heart of the home - that is, on the luxury living room - and on the latest trends in interior design - therefore on the modern style -, we can say that the most appreciated luxury paintings at the moment are those of a minimal type, therefore sober and essential. Paintings for a modern luxury living room can therefore be abstract works or even photographs, also modified to make them unique. A classic type of modern living room is the luxury open space - to which we have dedicated an article -, in which the spaces and walls available for displaying paintings certainly leave a wide choice, as well as the possibility of dedicating even an entire wall to a single art installation. Focusing on a minimalist style - which we presented in relation to the furnishing of a minimal luxury home -, which includes simple and essential furniture and lines, it can be said that in this context the choice of a luxury painting certainly adds an element of personality and dynamism to the environment.

However, these paintings must have simple lines, accurate details and neutral colors, thus avoiding bright or too bright shades. The case of luxury paintings with a vintage character is different, which will have to refer mainly to works from the last century, or even to previous eras, but without ever generating the effect of a museum or an exhibition. Installations that refer to street art or even nature are preferable. In fact, luxury paintings with naturalistic subjects fall within an area that could be defined as typical: the beauties of nature, if in line with the style of the modern living room in terms of colors and lines, always offer an elegant solution capable of being also appreciated by eyes less accustomed to the world of art.

The prices of luxury paintings

Best luxury paintings: prices - Santandrea Luxury Houses We close this journey through luxury paintings to furnish the home by trying to identify a price range for the purchase of these works. To answer the question of how much it costs to buy one of these paintings, it is first necessary to specify that the answer is very variable based on the size, the techniques used, the difficulty of the subject and, obviously, also the artist, or the studio, who has made the picture. The starting cost for a luxury painting can be a few hundred euros - basically around 700 to 1.000 euros, if made by emerging artists or design studios -, but it can go up to thousands or tens of thousands of euros, in the case of particularly complex or large works of art, but also of installations created by already famous artists and designers.

To get a more detailed idea on the subject, you can take a tour of the PiazzArt website, a marketplace dedicated to the sale of works of art, including museum ones and produced by famous names such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalì or Andy Warhol. Alternatively, the GALP - Galleria La Pera portal, dedicated to the online sale of works of art, is certainly a good reference for getting a clearer idea of ​​the prices and types of luxury paintings on the market. At this point, you just have to choose the style and colors that are most suitable for the artistic installation that can give a touch of class and elegance to the luxury living room of your home.


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