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Buying a luxury suit: here are the best brands

Talking about which luxury suit to buy, for both men and women, it is always advisable to choose one of the best brands in the industry, to ensure class, quality and style.


Talking about which luxury suit to buy, for both men and women, it is always advisable to choose one of the best brands in the industry, to ensure class, quality and style. Let's discover the latest trends in luxury clothing, with a look at sustainability and at the rental option.


Luxury suits for men

Luxury suits: best suits for men - Santandrea Luxury Houses Choosing the right luxury suit is essential for those who want to express their taste and, at the same time, the elegance and refinement that distinguish them from the very first glance. A luxury suit, both for men and women, is the maximum expression of style by the wearer, being the essential component of clothing as a whole, which can then be complemented by one of the best luxury watches in the world or even, especially as regards the female universe, from a luxury bag created by the best designers in the world. Returning to luxury clothes, there are some brands that stand out for their elegance and quality, both in terms of men’s and women's clothes. Let's start with the best brands of luxury men's suits, among which the Italian brands dominate, typically original, elegant and fine at the tailoring level, thanks to traditional manufacturing. Men's luxury suits can be chosen both for the office and for a ceremony or special occasion, but also just to express your taste in clothing.

  • Giorgio Armani - There is no need for great presentations for a designer like Giorgio Armani, father of a brand that has always renewed itself over the years but without ever giving up its essential features, namely simplicity and elegance, as also emerges from the collection of clothes by luxury that stands out for the great attention to detail - from the cuts of the jackets to the chosen colors -, the clean lines and the use of the highest quality materials.
  • Balenciaga - The Parisian maison founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga is known worldwide for its contemporary forms that combine elegance and innovation.
  • Dolce & Gabbana - Even Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana need no introduction, being now one of the most famous fashion brands in the world which, in its luxury clothes, conveys references to the Italian context and its traditions, making it one of the favorite brands of VIPs.
  • Gucci - We remain in Italy for another luxury fashion giant, namely Gucci, a brand that has always been characterized by an innovative and modern approach to design, as also emerges from its men's suits, characterized by a noble touch and often identified by the logo " G ”repeated on the surface of all the garments.
  • Prada - Speaking of luxury men's suits, it is impossible not to mention Prada, a master brand of minimalism and essentiality, with its classic and durable garments.
  • Yves Saint Laurent - We return to France for another leading company in the field of luxury fashion, namely Yves Saint Laurent, known for its innovative and elegant luxury clothes.
  • Tom Ford - We remain in Paris, but for a brand founded by the Texan Tom Ford, appreciated for his men's collections characterized by modern tailoring cuts, fine fabrics and bold color palettes.
  • Boglioli - We return to Italy for a luxury clothing brand that is the symbol of Made in Italy, Boglioli, a brand known for the quality of its manufacturing and precious materials, with an innovative soul that never gives up on comfort.
  • Brunello Cucinelli - Lightweight fabrics and precious yarns, worked by highly experienced tailors after a careful choice of materials and models, characterize the luxury men's suits by Brunello Cucinelli, a brand appreciated for clean lines combined with contemporary shapes and creative colors.
  • Gabriele Pasini - An expression of ancient Neapolitan tailoring, Gabriele Pasini is a luxury clothing brand loved for traditional manufacturing and the care dedicated to every detail.
  • Ermenegildo Zegna - We close this review of the best brands of men's luxury clothes with Zegna, which stands out for its precious hand-made details and exclusive fabrics used in the classic Italian style.

Luxury dresses for women

Luxury suits: best dresses for women - Santandrea Luxury Houses The time has come to move on to women's luxury clothes, at the center of the thoughts of every woman who wants to impress those who meet her. From luxury wedding or formal dresses to those designed for a gala evening or simply a special dinner, women's dresses created by the best designers in the world are always a guarantee of elegance, quality and refinement. But there are also some very interesting emerging brands, certainly as regards the prices of the luxury clothes they offer, but also for the freshness and novelty of the design. We discover the best brands of women's luxury clothes, selected for the quality of the materials, the captivating cuts, the original colors, but above all for their elegance.

  • Louis Vuitton - This French fashion brand is famous all over the world for luxury bags and accessories, but also Louis Vuitton luxury clothes are a guarantee for the quality of the materials, the recognisability and the class of the lines.
  • Prada - As far as Prada is concerned, what is written in relation to the men's luxury clothing collections may apply, with the addition of the greater variety of colors chosen by the Italian brand for women's clothing.
  • Chanel - No introduction is needed for this French brand, internationally famous for its perfumes, but among the best in the world also for women's clothes, since the introduction of the iconic suit by its founder Coco Chanel, which has become a symbol of femininity declined in the world of work.
  • Rixo - An emerging British brand, Rixo is known for its luxury vintage dresses, but declined with a modern touch, thanks to refined prints and sophisticated cuts.
  • Cinq à Sept - French brand specializing in formal wear, Cinq à Sept offers sophisticated and classy dresses.
  • Trussardi - We return to Italy for one of the best luxury clothing brands, namely Trussardi, world-famous for the creativity and refinement of its collections.
  • Valentino - Speaking of women's luxury clothes it is impossible not to mention Valentino, king of Italian fashion in the world, with his exclusive and classy clothes, very elegant and a guarantee of the highest quality in the choice of materials and attention to detail.
  • Givenchy - We close the list of the best luxury clothing brands for women with a French brand that makes the refinement of the garments and the quality of the fabrics its strengths, also with regard to the luxury women's clothing collections.

Sustainability and luxury clothes for rent

Luxury suits: sustainability and luxury clothes for rent - Santandrea Luxury Houses To some it might seem contradictory, but the link between the luxury market and the issues related to sustainability is getting closer and closer. In addition to the widespread use of second-hand items - which we present in another article -, the option of renting accessories and clothes is also destined to become a protagonist in the field of luxury fashion. The phenomenon that includes second hand luxury fashion, the rental of luxury products, recycling and other practices aimed at growing the sector by lightning the production chains and the consumption of materials takes the name of circular fashion. In fact, circularity, like sustainability, is an increasingly central keyword in the context of the luxury market. Thus, fashion brands are opening up to frontiers that are not yet explored today such as the rental of luxury goods (even if, as we have seen with respect to luxury bag, the trend is already growing).

If buying a bag or a luxury dress is an excessive step or, simply, you want to give yourself the whim of trying different models and changing them constantly, there is also the possibility of renting this type of accessory. To date, there are already several platforms where it is possible to rent a dress or a luxury accessory, such as the US portal Rent the Runway, which offers items from the most luxurious fashion brands (including Chanel and Prada, to name two). But also in Italy there are companies dedicated to the rental of clothes and luxury items, such as Drexcode, DressYouCan and Pleasedontbuy. From now to 2030, in fact, the luxury goods market is expected to become increasingly open to options such as rental, in the name of circularity and sustainability.


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