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All about the most valuable and expensive grappas in the world

Grappa is a typical Italian distilled spirit, but loved all over the world, partly because it is made from the pomace of the best Italian grape varieties: let's find out about the most valuable and expensive grappas in the world.


Grappa is a typical Italian distilled spirit, but loved all over the world, partly because it is made from the pomace of the best Italian grape varieties by companies that are famous and appreciated all over the world: let's find out the names and vintages of the world's most prized and expensive grappas.


The best luxury Italian grappas

Most expensive grappas: best luxury italian grappas - Santandrea Luxury Houses In our journey through Italian excellence, we could not miss an article dedicated to the best luxury grappas. In fact, this distillate is a typical Italian product and is also an ideal item to give as a gift to grappa lovers, as there are gift and limited edition bottles of grappa. The latter include some really luxury grappa, due to its cost, and also the most expensive Italian grappa - which we will find out in a moment. In the meantime, let's start by clarifying that grappa is a distillate made from the pomace, that is, the skins of grapes, after they have already been pressed to make wine. Moreover, grappa is an exclusively Italian product, by virtue of a European decree that stipulated that grappa can only be made from grapes grown, vinified and distilled only in Italy - similar to what happens with French champagne. There are also different types of grappa, depending on the source grapes used, but the most important distinction is the one that identifies some grappas as barricade. Barricaded grappa, in fact, is a grappa that has spent at least half of the minimum aging period inside a barrique - that is a small wooden barrel for aging wines with some well-defined technical specifications - , therefore for a duration that varies according to whether it is an old grappa (at least 12 months of aging) or a reserve grappa (at least 18 months). At this point, we can move on to introduce you to some of the best Italian grappas, which are also ideal for those who would like to choose which grappa to give as a gift or simply treat themselves to one of these luxury spirits.

  • Grappa Mazzetti d'Altavilla Annate Memorabili Nebbiolo da Barolo 1989 - This grappa, aged 10 years in oak barrels, is made from an excellent vintage of Nebbiolo da Barolo and is rich, with hints of licorice, vanilla, peach, violet and spice.
  • Grappa Elisi Distillerie Berta - This grappa has a full and enveloping flavor, is very fragrant and leaves a hint of cocoa and morello cherry, presenting an amber color that is also pleasing to the eyes.
  • Grappa Mazzetti d’Altavilla Annate Memorabili Barbera Invecchiata 2001 - This barricaded grappa is dry, with an intense and strong aroma, hints of tobacco, spices and jam.
  • Grappa di Barbera d’Asti Solchi Distillerie Carlo Bocchino - This distillate is made from Barbera grapes, aged for 10 years, and has an underbrush scent, a clear amber color, and a smooth, harmonious flavor, making it one of the best Italian grappas.
  • Grappa Sarpa Barrique Distillerie Poli - This grappa is aged 4 years in French oak barrels, after being made from Merlot (60%) and Cabernet (40%) pomace, which give it a complex and enveloping flavor, as well as a fragrance of exotic fruit, cedar, licorice, and vanilla.
  • Grappa Cru Monovitigno Verduzzo Distillerie Nonino - Finally, among the best Italian grappas is this distillate made from selected pomace of Verduzzo Cru grapes from Friuli, and produced in a limited edition, vintage and numbered, before being bottled in blown and handmade cruets, resulting in a truly perfect gift grappa.

All about the most expensive Italian grappas

Most expensive grappas: ranking - Santandrea Luxury Houses In addition to the best and most valuable Italian grappas, we also want to introduce you to the most expensive ones on the market, right up to the most expensive Italian grappa in the world. These grappas are, of course, ideal to give as gifts, but also to collect or keep in your home to best welcome your guests. Let's find out together which are the most expensive Italian grappas on the market and their characteristics.

  • Grappa di Amarone Cleopatra Oro (about 40 euros) - This grappa is produced with an innovative vacuum bain-marie still and sold in a version with a boxed gift box, perfect to give as a gift... even at a not excessive cost.
  • Grappa di Barbera d'Asti Distillerie Solchi (about 80 euros) - This grappa is also ideal for a gift, as it is sold in a very elegant bottle crafted inside a natural wood box.
  • Grappa "Anniversary 50°" Distillerie Segnana (about 100 euros) - A fine and well-structured distillate, with class and great persistence, contained in a natural wood gift box.
  • Grappa 21 years Distillerie Gino Barile (about 150 euros) - We go up in price, but also in quality, as this grappa has been aged 21 years, turning into a distillate with a unique and articulate flavor.
  • Grappa Riserva del Capo 2003 Distillerie Capovilla (about 160 euros) - This grappa is sweet and fruity, with a slightly spicy and complex flavor, thanks in part to its aging.
  • Riserva del Fondatore Paolo Berta Distillerie Berta (about 200 euros) - This is one of the best Italian grappas, made from Piedmontese pomace and then aged for 20 years in woods of different essences.
  • Grappa 30 years and 33 years Distillerie Gino Barile (about 340 and about 570 euros, respectively) - We finally arrived at the most expensive Italian grappa in the world, namely this distillate in the two versions aged 30 and 33 years, both with a unique flavor and characterized by deep notes of fine wood, encaustic, cloves, heady flowers and salt. A true luxury grappa.

The ranking of the world's most expensive whiskies

Most expensive grappas: most expensive whiskie - Santandrea Luxury Houses Grappa is not the only beverage we focused on in our journey to discover luxury spirits. In our article dedicated to the world of whiskey, in fact, we talked about the characteristics of this distillate, which can be a fundamental element within a cocktail - just like the gin that we present in another article - but is also the smooth-drinking distillate par excellence. Actually, we also dedicated an article to the most expensive champagne and one to the best Italian collectible wines, which, although they do not fall under spirits, are definitely luxury drinks. In this focus related to the best grappas, we want to present the list of the most expensive whiskies, which, given their value and price, are also the best whiskies to invest in, since they are distillates aged for decades and contained in bottles of great value. The price of some of these whiskies is close to luxury products’ one such as the world's best sports cars - which we present in another article. The reason for the value of these whiskies is their scarcity - in the case of limited edition bottles - or even rarity - in the case of some almost unique whiskies. For this ranking, we relied on estimates published by the well-known New Zealand portal Wine-Searcher, which deals with these kinds of rankings related to alcoholic beverages. In particular, this ranking refers to Single Malt whiskies - namely the most popular and traditional ones. We just have to find out the ranking of the world's most expensive whiskies.

    1. The Yamazaki (55 years old) - approximately 882.000 euros
    2. The Macallan Lalique (50 years old) - approximately 272.000 euros
    3. The Macallan Lalique (62 years old) - approximately 165.000 euros
    4. The Macallan Lalique (55 years old) - about 157.000 euros
    5. Bowmore Aston Martin Black Bowmore DB5 - about 139.000 euros
    6. The Macallan Red Collection (78 years old) - about 132.000 euros
    7. The Macallan Lalique (72 years old) - about 131.000 euros
    8. The Macallan (50 years old) - about 129.000 euros
    9. The Macallan Lalique VI (65 years old) - about 129.000 euros
    10. Gordon & MacPhail Generations Glenlivet (80 years old) - about 111.000 euros


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