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Back to news All about the most exclusive luxury trains in Italy, in Europe and in the world All about the most exclusive luxury trains in Italy, in Europe and in the world

All about the most exclusive luxury trains in Italy, in Europe and in the world

Traveling by historic luxury trains - whether in Italy, in Europe or in the rest of the world - is a truly exclusive travel experience unparalleled in comfort and elegance: let's discover the best luxury trains for which you can buy a ticket.


Travel by historic luxury trains - in Italy, in Europe or in the rest of the world - is a truly exclusive and unparalleled experience for comfort and elegance, but also for the beauty of the landscapes traversed and the historical-cultural value of the proposed itineraries: so let's discover the best worldwide projects in the field of luxury trains.


The most exclusive luxury trains in Italy and Europe

Best luxury historic train: Italy and Europe - Santandrea Luxury Houses Historic luxury trains are certainly one of the most exclusive and classy ways of travel ever. In these incredible means of transportation, nothing is left to chance, starting from the interior decoration and design to the food and entertainment services and the comfort of the cabins. In fact, the most exclusive luxury trains traverse both Italy and Europe. Just think of the luxury trains to Paris or even the very famous and impressive Orient Express. But there are also luxury trains in Switzerland and Russia, from which the famous Trans-Siberian Railway departs, a luxury train that is certainly expensive, as we will see below, but not comparable, for example, to the Orient Express "La Dolce Vita", one of the most exclusive luxury trains in Italy. In fact, it is a convoy that, starting in 2023, will offer as many as ten different routes through 14 Italian regions. Another Italian luxury train is the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, which is more of a legend than a mere convoy, as it is based on the luxury train that, between the late 1800s and the 1930s, offered varnished teak wood, steam-heated and gas-lighted carriages, with such attention to detail inside and comfort guaranteed to passengers that it could be considered a true luxury hotel on rails. Passengers on the Simplon-Orient-Express traverse unique European landscapes, inside elegant cabins and exclusive settings, in a timeless atmosphere, experiencing something similar to that of great figures of the past such as Agatha Christie. Moving on to how much a ticket for the Orient Express costs, this particular itinerary is priced at around 2.600 euros per person.

But what services does the Orient Express offer its guests? The tickets include the opportunity to dine in the very elegant Dining Cars (Côte d'Azur, Etoile du Nord and L'Oriental), where high-class meals made with ingredients typical of each leg of the itinerary are served, and to sip champagne at the Champagne Bar, where they can entertain themselves with a game of cards, a dance or simply admiring the scenery outside. However, the Simplon-Orient-Express also offers other routes besides the highly romantic Paris-Venice route. In fact, it is also possible to take this luxury train in Italy from Florence to Paris, to immerse yourself in the art world, or to Switzerland, to get from Venice to Geneva, both at a cost of about 2.300 euros per person for a ticket. But luxury trains in Italy and Europe do not end there. There are also other travel options, made available by Belmond, a leader in luxury accommodations and one of the best options even when deciding how to book the Orient Express. For example, it is possible to discover the Scottish Highlands by having a unique experience inside luxury convoys, perhaps starting right from an Italian luxury hotel such as the Belmond Villa San Michele, housed in a former Florentine monastery, or even the Belmond Castello di Casole, nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. In fact, these luxury train travel options through Italy and Europe include the possibility of staying in timeless, culturally rich accommodations with the most elegant settings and interiors featuring beautiful fabrics, polished wood paneling, and extra-luxury bedrooms typical of the best luxury hotels in Italy and around the world.

The best historic luxury trains in the world

Best luxury historic train: world - Santandrea Luxury Houses Stepping momentarily out of the European context and expanding to the global one, there are also other options for organizing a trip on a luxury historic train. In fact, this choice is becoming increasingly fashionable worldwide, so much so that it has given rise to several tourism projects centered on these incredible means of transportation. The first luxury historical train to be mentioned is definitely the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, also known as the "Trans-Siberian Railway" which is the longest railway line in the world with 9.288 kilometers. Passengers on this train travel through unique places, starting in western Russia and going all the way to the Far East, passing through Mongolia, the Gobi Desert and Beijing, via what was once the famous "Silk Road".

What is the cost of the Trans-Siberian Railway ticket? A one-way trip in first class on this luxury train costs about 800 euros per person, so significantly less than the luxury convoys that crisscross Europe. But what is the most luxurious train in the world? Well, it is probably the Maharajas Express. Again in Asia, in fact, it is possible to travel on one of the world's first luxury trains in terms of passenger amenities and services. Suffice it to say that each carriage includes a butler and is decorated with garlands of flowers, as well as offering several travel options, such as the "Heritage of India" itinerary from Mumbai to Delhi. Staying in the Far East, one cannot fail to mention the luxury trains of the Eastern & Oriental Express that travel through Thailand and offer train sets that echo those of the movie "Shanghai Express", with cherrywood parts and silk trim.

The Orient Express "La Dolce Vita" project

Best luxury historic train: Orient Express - Santandrea Luxury Houses Turning our focus back to the Orient Express, it's time to talk about the "La Dolce Vita" project, which has returned to make travelers around the world dream and is about to arrive in Italy as well - and which we present in a dedicated article. Starting in 2023, in fact, it will be possible to board one of the wagons of the project born from an agreement between the French group Accor (which has owned the "Orient Express" brand since 2017), Trenitalia and Arsenale S.p.A. (a company operating in luxury hospitality) and aimed at lovers of luxury on rails. This exclusive convoy is inspired by the years and design of La Dolce Vita, offering different itineraries (ten are currently planned) through 14 regions of the Bel Paese, with Rome as the heart and central stop of the route. In the luxury train par excellence, nothing can be left to chance, especially the interiors made to accommodate the few passengers who will be able to afford this exclusive journey.

The Orient Express "La Dolce Vita" is thus a luxury train unique in the world in terms of elegance, interior style and comfort offered. But that's not all: let's also find out which route the Orient Express "La Dolce Vita" will take, as the itineraries of this train are also truly unique and exclusive. Regarding Sicily in particular, the Orient Express "La Dolce Vita" includes three different convoys: one in the West of the region, from Palermo to Trapani, one dedicated to Baroque Sicily and one that will go from West to East this, following a food and wine itinerary. The Orient Express "La Dolce Vita" therefore also promises to be an exclusive and unforgettable experience, a slow luxury journey that is also sustainable, as it also includes a series of ecological interventions aimed at ensuring the sustainability of its own railway line.

The Sicilian Railway Experience: the luxury train in Sicily

Best luxury historic train: Sicilian Railway Experience - Santandrea Luxury Houses To close this article dedicated to luxury historical trains, it is worth mentioning the Sicilian Railway Experience project, which we elaborate on in another dedicated article, conceived by the Rocco Forte Hotels group in collaboration with the Ferrovie dello Stato Foundation. The two partners have in fact launched the itinerary of a luxury historic train aimed at companies, designed for corporate meetings or presentations, team-building events and similar activities, in order to promote the historic train as an elegant and comfortable option for luxury tourism, especially from a slow perspective.

In fact, the Sicilian Railway Experience includes an itinerary from Palermo to Agrigento, offering the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the Valley of the Temples on board a century-old train during the journey. The trip lasts about two hours and is available for companies, to which it offers a customizable service, including a local tour guide, a top barman and various options on interior management. The Sicilian Railway Experience project is therefore a great opportunity to enhance the unique beauty of a region such as Sicily, thanks to the combination of culture and food and wine, but also the attention to the issues of sustainability and respect for the environment. New and additional itineraries on historic luxury trains are already planned in Sicily, under the banner of slow tourism.


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