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All about the best luxury motorboats and yachts

Luxury motorboats are the best solution for anyone who wants to experience the sea with maximum freedom, without sacrificing comfort and elegance, representing a less expensive and demanding alternative to a yacht.


Luxury motorboats are the best solution for anyone who wants to experience the sea with maximum freedom, without sacrificing comfort and elegance, representing a less expensive and demanding alternative to a yacht. Let's find out the best luxury motorboats, their prices and make a general point about luxury yachts and boats.


The best luxury motorboats

Best luxury motorboats: ranking - Santandrea Luxury Houses Luxury motorboats generally fall into the category of motor boats under 10 meters in length, a feature that ensures several benefits to their owners. In fact, luxury motorboats are the best solution for anyone who wants to experience the sea with maximum freedom, without sacrificing comfort and elegance, thus representing a valid - but less expensive and demanding - alternative to a yacht. These boats have dimensions that allow them not to be subject to compulsory registration, making it easier to purchase the luxury motorboats for sale, but also to use them. Yes, because luxury boats under 10 meters do not need a boat license to be driven within 6 miles from the coast (distance to be respected during navigation), as long as the engine power does not exceed 40 horses. Luxury motorboats are therefore ideal for anyone who wants to approach navigation or perhaps prepare to obtain a boat license or for fishing lovers or, simply, for those who want to allow themselves maximum freedom during a holiday on the sea, without giving up the comfort offered by bigger boats. So let's find out which are the best luxury motorboats on the market.

  • Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser - Let's start immediately with a small exception, given that this boat exceeds 10 meters (precisely 10,99 meters) and therefore cannot be driven without a boat license, but it is the best choice for those who do not want to give up comfort, even for its width of 3,4 meters.
  • R35 Princess - Even this luxury motorboat is just over 10 meters (89 centimeters to be exact) and rewards both aesthetics, with its sporty lines, and speed, thanks to its hull and V8 petrol engines, which allow it to reach 50 knots of speed on the water.
  • Cranchi Endurance 33 - We finally go below 10 meters for this sporty and spacious luxury motorboat (having a width of 3,5 meters), ideal for family cruises, thanks also to the retractable table to increase space and to its room open space.
  • Scanner Envy 950 Touring - This 9,5-meter-long luxury motorboat features a stern living area equipped with a cushioned sundeck and a shaped sofa, as well as a kitchenette (including fridge, stove and worktop) hidden in a multifunctional piece of furniture incorporated close to the dinette.
  • Joker Clubman 30 - In addition to the large bow sundeck measuring over 2,5 meters, this 9,5-meter luxury boat also includes a bathroom complete with ceiling shower and toilet, as well as space to accommodate more than 6 people.
  • Axopar Brabus Shadow 500 - This 9,53 meter motorboat offers owners a maximum speed of over 50 knots, with unmatched acceleration times, but also great handling and luxurious and comfortable environments.
  • Frauscher 1017 GT Air - A powerful and agile boat, but also very safe and elegant, with a length of 9.99 meters and a width of 2,99 meters.
  • Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 Fly - This luxury motorboat is truly unique, given that, despite its 9,94 meters in length, it offers an outboard engine and three cabins, with interior volumes and stowage spaces beyond compare, as well as an area day with raised cockpit and sunbathing area in the bow, representing a super luxury solution for a family cruise in the name of comfort and absolute well-being.

The prices of luxury motorboats

Best luxury motorboats: prices - Santandrea Luxury Houses The time has come to also discover the prices of some of the best luxury motorboats on the market. Generally, the cost of these boats is a few hundred thousand euros, but there are also cheaper options - with a price of less than 100.000 euros - or much more exclusive - close to a million euros valuation. Many of the manufacturers of these jewels of navigation were exhibitors at the 2022 Venice Boat Show, which we present in a dedicated article. But now let's find out the prices of some of the best luxury speedboats on the market.

  • Nova Marina Black Shiver 140 - This 13,95-meter Italian luxury motorboat reaches 48 knots of maximum speed, thanks to a power exceeding 1.000. Starting price: about 1 million euros.
  • Sacs Strider 15 - A 15-meter luxury boat with a power of almost 1.500 horsepower, for a top speed of 42 knots, with LED lights and a very large living area. Starting price: about 1 million euros.
  • Nuova Jolly Prince 50 - Powerful (up to 1.700 horsepower in total) and fast (over 50 knots of maximum speed), but also spacious (15 meters) and elegant, this luxury motorboat ensures performance and style. Starting price: around 700.000 euros.
  • Technohull SeaDna 999 Cabin - A maximum speed of 71 knots for this 10-meter-long luxury inflatable boat with an attractive style designed by the Englishman Adam Younger. Starting price: about 200.000 euros.
  • Goldfish 29 Sport - This luxury motorboat can carry up to 8 passengers and is made of carbon fiber, with 520 horsepower diesel engines and a range that can exceed 400 nautical miles. Starting price: about 200.000 euros.
  • Lomac Adrenalina 10.5 - Another jewel of Italian production with 600 horsepower, which develops a maximum speed of about 54 knots, but without neglecting elegance, guaranteed by a high quality as regards the interior finishes and the utmost attention in the space management. Starting price: about 100.000 euros.
  • Zar 85SL - This 8,5-meter luxury motorboat can accommodate 12 passengers and exceed 50 knots of maximum speed even when fully loaded, as well as offering a sophisticated design. Starting price: about 79.000 euros.

All about yachts and luxury boats

Best luxury motorboats: electric yachts - Santandrea Luxury Houses Finally, to close this article about the best luxury motorboats, it is also appropriate to make a point on the types of yachts and luxury boats available on the market. It is fair to point out that there are no standardized parameters to establish the different types of yachts, but it is possible to try to identify different categories of luxury boats, based on some of their characteristics, including size and strength. Starting from technical specifications, motor cruising yachts favor space and comfort, with large spaces that allow you to stay comfortably on board and equipment for every need, but also elegance in design and attention to details. Open yachts, on the other hand, are a type of luxury boat designed to accommodate many people, with sofas in the bow and ample space to sit in the cockpit. Moving on to sailboats, this type of yacht is usually used for short tourist trips, but still comfortable for about 10 passengers. On the other hand, cruising sailing yachts are very big and ideal for long journeys, with the ability to sail for days and therefore the need for sufficient space for supplies.

Moving on to the classification by size in the world of yachts, we can identify four groups of luxury boats that can be considered yachts, all over 10 meters in length. Up to 24 meters we can talk about yachts, after which we can refer to large yachts (up to 40 meters), super yachts (up to 60 meters) and mega yachts (over 60 meters). Obviously the size of these luxury boats affects their price and maintenance costs, but also their resistance to weather conditions, namely the type of waves and the strength of the wind they are able to withstand. With respect to these characteristics, yachts can be divided into two classes: class A yachts, which can navigate even with waves of four meters and winds up to 70-80 km/h and class B yachts, designed to sail within 320 kilometers from the coast. There are also other categories of luxury boats that are becoming protagonists in the sector, namely electric yachts, which we present in a dedicated article, and private submarines, which are the subject of this article.


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