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All about furniture for a luxury bathroom

A luxury home requires the utmost care in furnishing the bathroom, which has to combine functionality and class, taking into account the furnishing style of the rest of the home.


A luxury home requires the utmost care in furnishing the bathroom, which must combine functionality and elegance, taking into account the furnishing style of the rest of the home. Here is a guide to choosing the furniture for a luxury bathroom, which can be in classic or modern style, but also varies according to the size of the environment.


How to furnishing a luxury bathroom

Luxury bathrooms: how to furnishing - Santandrea Luxury Houses It is not the first time that we face the interesting discussion on how to furnish a luxury home, a theme that we then presented in more detail both with respect to the choice of a classic or modern furnishing style and with a specific focus on the English furniture style. The time has now come to offer you a guide on how to furnish a luxury bathroom, an environment to which we have not yet dedicated a specific article yet. Recently, in fact, we have proposed some furniture choices for a luxury living room and also some ideas for furnishing a modern kitchen. A luxury home, in fact, requires the utmost care in furnishing each room, including the bathroom, which must combine functionality and elegance, taking into account the furnishing style of the rest of the house. The choices for furnishing a luxury bathroom can be directed towards both a classic and a modern style, but also vary according to the size of the environment. When furnishing a luxury bathroom, the first aspect to consider is the choice of materials, which represent a decisive element in creating an exclusive and classy environment. An example of trendy materials for the bathroom are bronze or onyx, increasingly in vogue to give a touch of novelty in respect to traditional materials, even if the luxury material par excellence remains marble, especially if two-tone or combined with elegant furniture in shades of black.

The latest trends in design also enhance the choice of gold, ideal for making the bathroom elegant and luxurious, both in terms of furniture - finishes and inserts - and in terms of surfaces - gold coatings. Moving on to the elements that make up the bathroom, a classic piece of luxury furniture is the bathtub. The latter can in fact transform a normal bathroom into a luxury bathroom, if it is a whirlpool tub, preferably with fine finishes in teak or wengé wood and characterized by latest generation technologies, such as the infinity overflow, to immerse yourself in the tub filled with water, or the heater, to keep the temperature constant. All in the name of comfort. Moving on to the choice of furniture for a luxury bathroom, the ideal is to focus on modern and minimal bathroom furniture, preferably made with quality materials such as chestnut or oak wood, without neglecting the options offered by innovative materials. Finally, a useful element to make the bathroom luxurious are the linen sets proposed by designers and fashion brands, made of fine fabrics and finished with classy details.

Modern and classic luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms: modern and classic - Santandrea Luxury Houses Focusing on the styles to furnish a luxury bathroom, it is appropriate to distinguish between the classic and the modern one. As anticipated, the choice of the style of furniture for a luxury bathroom must respect that of the style selected for furnishing the whole house, with some small precautions. Starting from a modern house, this too can be furnished in a luxurious way, although these houses usually prefer simple and geometric shapes. Consequently, even the furnishing of a luxury bathroom in a modern home has to be minimal and at the same time elegant, with classy furniture, which however does not include sophisticated elements or luxurious materials. A modern luxury bathroom is characterized in fact by the maximum cleanliness of the lines and functionality, to be combined with the latest technologies and innovative materials, which however must also harmonize with more natural elements, such as wood and stone, often handcrafted. Here, luxury furniture in a modern bathroom is rather configured as the right mix of the most modern technologies, which ensure maximum comfort, and classy elements.

So even the furniture will have to harmonize a modern design with the elegance that characterizes luxury homes. Moving on to the chromatic aspect, modern luxury homes often include brightness and bold combinations, even between bright colors and neutral colors, which will therefore also be proposed in the bathroom. The furnishing of a luxury bathroom in a classic style home, on the other hand, must be elegant and, at the same time, also appear expensive and sumptuous, through the use of precious materials, as well as reflecting the refined taste and the socioeconomic status of the owners. A luxury bathroom furnished in a classic style favors beauty over functionality, luxury over simplicity. These rooms can even be traced back to the ancient homes of the nobles, with high quality and opulent decorative materials. The expensive elements of classic design also include ceramic pieces, marble or parquet floors, silk curtains and high quality linen sets in the bathroom furnishings. All characterized by refined lines, where light and neutral colors dominate.

Small luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms: small dimension - Santandrea Luxury Houses Even in a luxury home it may happen that the space available for the bathroom - or perhaps for one of the bathrooms - is not so large. But even small spaces can be luxurious and elegant with the right attention. For example, you can follow different strategies to make the room seem larger than its real size, thanks to optical or light effects. In addition to that, there are also various luxurious and very high quality solutions that can perfectly adapt even to small spaces. Starting from the techniques to be used to generate the effect of enlarging the spaces, a first idea is to insert a large mirror in the room, which will increase the perception of the size of the room in proportion to its surface. Another solution is to keep the furniture elements of the luxury bathroom suspended, fixing them to the walls, allowing the eye to see the surface of the floor in all its width.

Moving on to the shower, it is possible to save space both with a floor-level shower and with a corner shower. But the eye can also be tricked with the choice of colors for the luxury bathroom. In fact, light shades - including shades of white - are ideal for visually enlarging spaces, both as regards the floor and the walls and the various elements of the bathroom furniture, preferably bright. Finally, moving on to the choice of materials, even in a small luxury bathroom the coverings must be precious, therefore in resin or marble, perhaps accompanied by other precious materials to be used for decorative elements and furniture. Finally, if the environment available for the luxury bathroom offers this possibility, also the choice of a window with a panoramic view or a stained glass window that allows you to see the location surrounding the house - especially in the case of villas by the sea, which we present more in depth in this article -, it is an excellent solution to make the bathroom truly elegant and classy.


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